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Notebook für den privaten Gebrauch, zum spielen, UND filmschneiden???

Notebook for personal use, to play, and film intersect?

Frage von masterbigjoe:
Dezember 2008

Hello folks!

I have a question ...

I would like to see of alien ware notebook (m17) to buy. I need the notebook for daily applications (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office), but would like a conscientious flair synonymous have times when I look at a game reinziehe. ... and the Alienware fascinates me a long time!

So my question ... what do you think? or who knows Alienware products, so what s.Hardware in there is, indeed may even have HD editing work? (I-still-not even need)

My editing program is also of the Avid Liquid Edition 7.2.!

Antwort von B.DeKid:

ALIENWEAR can recommend which products are more than clean put together and run well.

As for the laptop is concerned GAMES whose products I would be called References. You pay a little extra for the design. But what solls, NEN Alienwear recognize you directly if you see Him.

B. DeKid

PS. Regarding the "Can you as an HD edit" sag mal nix I - that you can now enjoy myself to answer ;-)

Antwort von domain:

Do not forget the DX10 patch for Liquid 7.2 download, then it should be synonymous under Vista no problems.

Antwort von Quadruplex:

An alternative?

Antwort von masterbigjoe:

"domain" wrote:
Do not forget the DX10 patch for Liquid 7.2 download, then it should be synonymous under Vista no problems.

was clear that it is not vista funzt: D

ehm ... a question: and on the side of Avid in the download area - http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/de/Products/Consumer + Products / Advanced + Video / Liquid + Edition / Liquid Avid + +7 + Support / Download + Area / Drivers + - + Updates/DX10patch.htm? mode = documents & Display = 1 - there is this patch. Just below is for XP. " Is the synonymous for Vista?
[/ code]

Antwort von Zizi:

ALIENWEAR can recommend

So please ..
Do you already like to buy an Apple!
Alienware is the largest scrap what P / L is concerned ..
Perhaps even worse is not like Apple!
Purchase you a quick Vaio or Toshiba with 9800GTX and dual core 3GHz or to one of approximately

What do about the issue? max.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Well Alienwear NEN is quite gehehm, which makes it synonymous with andre Manufacturer comparable models, there is already aware Zizi. But just because lienwear A pple with A - A - starts are still many non-poor.

Well you're holding the Z Izi - because you can your aversion to A 's understanding ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von Zizi:

with the A was good ..
A ber Alienware is in my eyes, not really
recommended. Is just a Powerful Dell Notebook with
Gamer expensive prices and design. (Dell Alienware heard yes?)
I would in any case, a Toshiba, Asus, or other mass manufacturers are .. which have much better prices
through their mass production possible and are just as high quality!
But who of you "Alienware flair" in a high-end notebook
Full ¬ 500 is worth more then you can take such a course!
But I have been masses of people in forums synonymous and I know the experience of the things just whine because they have cost so much money and
but right now not playing or when you can not get damaged ..
There are several problems:
ZBS.: A friend can not Zocken Stalker because the DVD drive
the game is not supported? or the case
begins s.vielen constitute "breaking" an ..
Whether at a Toshiba etc. synonymous happen, I can not
but I've heard of it yet ..
While others in the same .. but the cost in the anshcaffung 1 / 4 less!

Antwort von masterbigjoe:

So it is all very well and if a man with mass-production deal with .. only with ASUS, Acer, Gericom, I personally have bad experiences in terms of service, hardware-up and stability of the OS (in combination with the hardware). although I still have a acer haber ... the work now 4 years. acer is only for the service under each sau.

ehm ... Currently I have a dell vostro the 1700th totally satisfied - except for the graphics performance. ... I just wanted a friend in the sale and purchase of a new I wanted a lesitungsstarken laptop synonymous in the graphic area to buy.

what is the problem with mass production has the risk of defects in the products is relatively high. or between an art product from the manufacturer erwischt only as a temporary "stopgap" for a certain product line and this then serves to program stability and kompatibilät sufficient getest is ...

... ich sag mal so ... I know when I get the notebook APPROXIMATE 100% working and synonymous with whom I had a good service, I'll give you a few euro more.

Antwort von Zizi:

I doubt that a Toshiba or ASUS modern book in any white goods an Alien / Dell back to the stands!
Especially because the same construction as AW just something cheaper!
What makes expensive Alienware is not the quality but the brand and its design!
Gericom Fujitso etc. and yes, I still understand .. but Vaio, Toshiba and Asus (in ~ 2000 ¬) area are almost all class notebooks and Alienware are discouraging to nothing!
But me no preference .. anyway everyone can buy what he wants!
Just ask in a forum which specializes in representing ..
Tomshardware, Computerbase etc.
As you laugh 90% off when you gather a device AW buy!
Because the only people buying are either too much money or 0 have unknowing of hardware!
Quote from another thead: "to have a small penis"
synonymous even fit!
there would be an Apple, in my view is even better!
And that means quite a lot!
But if you have a normal income, a BMW 5er going,
D & G clothes fit so Dräger AW as the fist on the eye!
(not bad intentioned) ;-)
It's just my opinion!

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