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Frage von Wallaby:

Hello dear forum!

Just now I'm in the investment of my life dare to ;-) As for me it is an insane amount, I wanted to ask the experts here what you think of the quote, which I have since received.

I think it is a good offer, but I'm grateful for every 100 ¬ synonymous, I can save! However, I do not want to have to constantly annoyed by the equipment, because I've bought one or the other part is efficient and it is junk! Many times already, thanks for your opinions!!

Getting started:

- JVC GY-HM700E 5779.00

- Swit SC-302S 2 Channel Charger 179.00

- 2x S-8080S Swit Batteries 101 338.00

- SonyVCT-U14 Tripod Adapter 249.00

- Kata CCC-10A Camera Case 215.00

- Manfrotto MV505, 525PKIT 1044.00
- (Alt. Sachtler FSB 6 / 2 D 1349.00)

- Sennheiser K 6 188.00

- Foam Windscreen for ME-662 010 (32.80) <- Gibts free

- Sennheiser K 6-P 149.00

- König & Meyer Microphone Stand Table 6.00

- Rode Boom Pole, Aluminum boom, 84-300 cm 80.00
(Alt.: Quick Pole QX 565, Carbon Tonangel 65-260 cm 310,00)

- XLR microphone cable 17.90

Price: 8244.90
Discount: -247.35
Subtotal: 7997.55

19.00% Tax: 1519.53

Total EUR 9517.08

Me quite dizzy with sheer numbers!
I appreciate any answer!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Wallaby" wrote: ... GY-HM700E 5779.00 ...
If that is inclusive of 14x-Optics, it does not sound necessarily like a special offer. Even without specifically sought after, I came across some time ago on Prices of under 5200 ¬ net.

"Wallaby" wrote: ... Manfrotto MV505, 525PKIT 1044.00 ... old. Sachtler ...
The fact that a dealer can deliver even the head 505, surprised me somewhat, for he is officially taken several years ago from the program and the 519 has been replaced. In general, but I would choose in this price range rather have a Sachtler head. The 525-feet of Manfrotto other hand, are okay.


Antwort von Wallaby:


First of all thanks for the tip! The offer is from 18:03 .- perhaps it is now cheaper - I think the dealer's Better warranty - because I have to check again ...

Yes, is with the 14X Canon Optics!

What do I need the tripod adapter?

With the tripod I know myself so unfortunately synonymous - not at all synonymous unfortunately says there is something else - it is thus synonymous mitr this tip useful!

Maybe I should just seek a new date range?

Does anyone even hints - synonymous to the other stuff?
Thank you very much!!


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Check out the views of DV / JVC_GY_HM700E_PROFESSIONAL_TELPAC.html DV / JVC_GY_HM700E__START_TELPAC.html

or 5125 ¬


Antwort von srone:

"Wallaby" wrote:
What do I need the tripod adapter?

With the tripod I know myself so unfortunately synonymous - not at all synonymous unfortunately says there is something else - it is thus synonymous mitr this tip useful!

the tripod adapter you need the camera to be mounted on a tripod, with shoulder cameras of this price class, it is customary to sell the adapter separately, since it is identical for all cameras of any manufacturer's shoulder and it might well be already present or simply for profit.

Price to point 2, at approximately the same is a sachtler (or Vinten, would be an equivalent alternative to sachtler) in any case a manfotto preferable if you have the possibility, let you mount your camera on a variety of tripods and test themselves on how the head feels "as there are differences to each other and eventually you have to evaluate work with.




Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

synonymous, it is sufficient to Sony disk, the JVC is more expensive, I'm in the HM700 of the GY-DV5000 in use without problems.

Use LiION synonymous NP-NP-Batteries With battery compartment, since I had yet another of Cam.


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


the camera has daily prices, as I'd just look. For Swit Batteries can I really recommend, I have a few yourself. The camera bag you can save. I bought years ago at a Werzeugkoffer Obi and knocked him with foam and Molton. Cost: ¬ 50, -
Stable, lots of room for accessories and not difficult. The Micro sounds good. The Tripod can be cheaper. I use a Vinten Pro 5 for about ¬ 500, -


Lutz Dieckmann


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

But a Kata BP502 is often easier to carry than a DIY kit, since whole range of equipment, Batteries, Charger, laptop, are stowed so that it professionally and you can be flexible on the road and can travel longer distances once synonymous.
Everyone thinks you go to play golf.


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