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Frage von Syker:


Effects on old analog tapes or Video8 "LP" recording.

Recorded with Video 8 camcorder SONY CCD-F455E.

My question:

" Digital 8 game synonymous old Hi8 or Video 8 cassettes from?
" What should I do?
" How can I change the Video 8 footage s.besten digitizer?
" Is it advisable to a Digital 8 camcorder to buy?

For answers, I would be very grateful!


Antwort von prem:


it is possible with Digital 8 camcorder Video8 and Hi8 tapes to play.
I listened to this end SonyDCR TRV 230 and bought the works with the very best.

Your pictures can you Digitizer by sending them to the computer
aud then play and DVD burning.

Firstly, it is practically a Cam Digi8 to buy if you still have old Video8 tapes.
It is not too Digital8 known good and tend to draw your camcorder to MiniDV.

Many greetings


Antwort von Markus:

"Chris" wrote: ... it's possible with Digital 8 camcorder Video8 and Hi8 tapes to play.
Note: Previously, all D8 devices, but from the current series dominates the only nor the TRV480! A major shortcoming is synonymous, it is recorded in the Long Play mode acts. This does not support any playback device (you have to try it).

Basically, there are several methods to Video8 or Hi8 recording digitizer. Which of them is useful and s.preiswertesten, usually decides the number of tapes to be digitized.

Learn More:
Five ways to Video8/Hi8 to Digitizer


Antwort von wendmann:

Video Hello colleagues, at the moment it is unfortunately the case that Sonynur nor the DCR-TRV270 as Digital8 model sells. This camera has the drawback, no V8 and Hi8 Video clip. Ie, with the only available s.Markt new Digital8 camcorder, it is no longer possible to old tapes digitizer. This I agree that Sony has no great interest s.Digital8 more. I had 7 years to keep a TRV355 unfortunately quite abruptly abandoned their minds. The Sony repair service gave me an estimate of EUR 350, which I gratefully refused. I am now in the kitchen Still Image DCR-TRV270 ordered, and so will my Digital8 cassettes as AVI files on hard disk. Per hour of video approximately 13-14 GB of space. At today's prices for 500-GB disks, the space is affordable.
I will then either MiniDV, HDV or AVCHD change.
But now is my big problem: I have 5 more Hi8 tapes that I necessarily need AVI files. Who of you with a suitable SonyDCR-TRV XXX can make it for me? I would tape with you my external hard drive and send again picked up. I would show evidence of course synonymous. (@ Channel rat about what is not for us?) The professional services on the Internet machens only on DVD.
So please notify you, it is your loss not his.

Best regards Eugen Wendmann


Antwort von Markus:

"wendmann" wrote: The professional services on the Internet machens only on DVD.
Not all. I provide synonymous DV AVI on hard drive:


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