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Frage von Bene:


I have a MiniDV Camera Of Sony (SonyDCR HC14) and would like to capture with my camera this holiday NewYork-recorded video via DV with Adobe Premiere 6.5.
The Studio (File> Capture> Movie Capture) synonymous working properly. However, the quality bothers me that I get so extreme! In my notes are fine horizontal strips, which are when playing with the Media Player or the VLCMediaPlayer very disturbing. Especially when the video playback stops, can be seen most clearly in Stillimage this shift.
I have tried all possible settings, from the half-frames.
Perhaps someone can tell me yes, what settings do I need to combine into Premiere, so I this sh ... no longer at my images have.
I have already tried to switch synonymous s.meiner Camera, the interlace / deinterlace function. That does not seem to support my camera but too.

I hope someone can help me!

Thank you so far!


PS: If anyone wants to see a Picture of the strip, just let them know. Then I load one on my webspace.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Bene,

Problems with Easy Video Joiner -> first paragraph. ;-)


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