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Frage von kili:

I would like to order a tripod in a British online shop.
The seller accepts BIC-payment, if this is in pounds. But that would - if I understand correctly - for translation costs 14 euro in my bank.
My question is: can anyone have experience with payments to England and give me a hint, what's the cheapest?

A credit card I really wanted to save me, because I rarely "international" shopping ... Paypal is not an option, because to me (please dubious) about any further discussion. Other online payment services will not work.

Would it be worthwhile but also possibly to buy a credit card? Or is an entirely different, simple solution?

Many greetings!


Antwort von r.p.television:

It is worthwhile in any case, a credit card to take.
If for you is irresponsible paypal (why always synonymous - but also you do not want to discuss) Yes, I do not understand at all why you are considering a pre-operating abroad. I hope you points that you transfer a payment which you have asked can not be undone.
A Paypal transfer or a debit card already.

I pay for my case abroad (and sometimes synonymous domestic) for more than two years, all with Paypal or credit card for online orders. Since then, no bad experiences made anymore. Formerly with advances already.


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