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Book Reviews: Online Video. To create video podcasts and online movies - technically and journalistically of heidi - 30 Jul 2008 20:40:00
> This book is aimed s.jene that their movies on the net want to present, - no, the movies for the network to produce - or even the fact itself in the network want to present? As for now? We have tried it herauszulesen ...
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The book was a great disappointment because of the promising title at bottom nothing left. The text passages, with the online video company, you need to search with the microscope. The information is more than poor. The reader learns nothing about the specials of moving images on the Internet and on the rules which must be followed. The author has identified the issue far failed. I hoped relating to online video to learn something interesting and has been with texts about editing software, etc. bored.


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Since I can in the above two opinions completely connected.

The theme flv files to be found in this book even try ....
Since I was quite shocked.
Finally, it is called "online video" and if you hold your own videos in his blog would like, such as Wordpress, which is synonymous
is strongly emphasized, we influence the video quality would like to have, so the videos on your own webspace published
then to get around the issue flv not around.

Therefore my tip: The Book Interactive Video on the Internet with Flash scourge of Florian and Roland Riempp,


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