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Open Source Portal Software Kaltura Video: YouTube for everyone of thomas - 27 Jul 2009 13:44:00
The Israeli company Kaltura has released its open-source video platform, in beta testing now, has already been installed on 35.000mal of site operators. The trick: With Kaltura Anyone can now open his own video portal and integrated into its site. The software provides comprehensive functions for operating your own video portal, à la YouTube: Videos can (; uploaded by batch), just hyped by Cam or import of other sites, converts, edits (;!), with subtitles and fitted with tags and are displayed by Flash Player in galleries (; synonymous in HD). In addition, the administrator can manage content, integrated advertising, create playlists, moderate user discussions, track Views and analyze, design, build and customize all pages and functions of, and manage content syndikalisieren upload / view rights - ie perform all the functions that until now Only operators of video portals such as zBYouTube were reserved.

Online editing
Kaltura offers quite synonymous s.Online editing possibilities: Videos and images can be mixed audio tracks to be replaced, videos will be cut and fitted with visors, effects and overlays, or are cut on a timeline - just as of an editing program used to.

Advantage of open source Wikipedia
The Wikipedia has already been using the technique of Kaltura to build a video Wikipedia - you are then incorporated into the Wikipedia and synonymous as well as Articles edited (; using the editing tools of Kaltura be) --

Kaltura, the open source Community Edition 1.5 beta is available as a standalone Verion for Linux, Windows and OS X as well as an extension for the CMS system Wordpress, Drupal and MediaWiki. In addition to the free software the company provides commercial services synonymous s.wie support or hosting.

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I had already s.23. July wrote:



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"deti" wrote: I had already s.23. July wrote:


Yes, true - but I thought that perhaps synonymous slashCAM of interest to readers who are not in the forum (which represent some) - so the whole thing again (as news reporting, plus I have some additional information not yet available at Heise and researched the Meanwhile - so far unsuccessfully - tried to install a test basis Kaltura :-)



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