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Frage von scrooge:

Salut together

Some time ago I inquired at the company, Dolby, whether you have a movie, the man with the Dolby Digital Creator in the Pinnacle software (included in Liquid Edition, retrofitted to music in studio), then the Dolby Digital trademark synonymous or DD may miss-trailer.
Now I finally get the answer:
The Dolby Digital Creator is a consumer version with limited options. Therefore it can not be guaranteed high quality, offering the professional Dolby encoder. For this reason, it is not allowed to use the Dolby Trade Mark.

Here is an excerpt from the original answer:
"One of the requirements of us Granting a Trademark Agreement is that applicants use s.encoder which has been licensed and approved by us. Although Pinnacle is licensed by us, it is made using the Dolby Digital Consumer Encoder, which is a lower complexity encoder when compared with the professional encoder. It was designed in order to allow good quality audio to be recorded onto DVDs and similar devices in the home. However, it does not include a number of features which are included in the professional encoder, and which Ensure That is audio replay of the highest quality playback on all systems. Because of this, we do not allow the use of Dolby trademarks on discs authored using this encoder. "



Antwort von silentzero:

I thank you very much for that. But you should still check with Pinnacle synonymous if their Dolby Digital encoder with Dolby Digital provides quality.


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