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Frage von !Jason:


'm new here in the forum and ask synonymous with pleasure sometimes a Project of before me.
I am still learning the basics of what video creation and editing terms.

I plan this year is a small movie, to create the 206cc on my car and have time to make a short 1minütigen Trailer (ca.5min).

What do you think?

206cc short movie trailer

About constructive criticism, I would be happy:)



Antwort von dustdancer:

sorry if I say so hard, but completely unteressant or German:
stinks boring ...
- The Vinette No way
- The choice of colors makes the car more interesting than it is without a point already
- It is more of a slideshow than a trailer
- Music sugerieren try something super exciting, but it's absolutely nothing
Section makes the clip even more boring, as a dynamic developing.

my 5 cents


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