Infoseite // Or MVX350i Canon MV830i?

Frage von Roggstar:

Hello together.
Which Camera is suitable for amateur movies-making better. MVX350i or MV830i? (Or other similar price range)?

A "thank you in advance
Regards, Daniel


Antwort von Jan:

Hello Roggstar,

If the money is there, of course, the MVX 350i synonymous only because of your larger CCD's compared with the MVX 830i

A tip for most users is synonymous look on the website of the manufacturers, because there synonymous been the most important thing is explained very well how the connection options eg ....

There are:
Canon MVX 350 i

Canon MVX 830 i

Canon synonymous explained quite well your models.

Detailed reviews of other users you should listen to, of course.
I have for instance, the excessive drive noise of the series struck 300,330,350


Antwort von Roggstar:

Hello Jan, thanks for the tip.
Can synonymous with the 350i (with the right program to make), respectable films? I have to start with friends before a relatively serious-intentioned film project and want to get as close to film-quality ...

Greeting Roggstar


Antwort von Jan:

Hello Roggstar,

frag mal Constantin
For it is synonymous with the filmmakers.
And there are a thousand little hints like eg the zoom, as a rule before you press Rec to press, because sustained zooming during the recording looks amateurish.

It is synonymous cheap Programs like Magix for 50 ¬, where there are plenty of effects for editing included.

Of course, the MVX 350i has better options including a micro + earphone jack to improve the sound again. When the MV 830 i trust you have the built-in Microphone.

When the purchase price class MVX 350 I but I would SonyHC 90 or Panasonic GS 250 (In a good price) prefer, but this is a matter of taste.



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