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Frage von micha801115:


I did the dubbing of a JVC GY HD 100 to my computer to Pinnacle Studio 10 Pros, unfortunately, found that on the soundtrack (or the HD DV tapes) a very annoying noise, like the feedback of the Microphone (lightest test Pfeiffer) is out. Now I am looking for a way that very annoying noise with the help of a program rauszufiltern?
Support For Pinnacle says to me that this, unfortunately, with their program is not possible, but there are programs there.

Who can help me and tell me which program is suitable for this?




Antwort von grovel:

You need to isolate the frequency and off. If it really is just a pipe, it should go, but it will on the whole sound picture impact.
The best that you probably use a program such as Adobe Soundbooth. The good thing is that the program is relatively easy to use, good results and - because it is still in BETA phase is - is free until April.
(The bad news is that it is in English)

With a little taste so it should be possible. However, it had never been tried - you have probably in the Adobe forums ask.

Perhaps someone equally synonymous with a much simpler version and / or accurate description.

SeeYa Groveler


Antwort von Gothmoth:

Groveler Hi,

Thank you for your effort and the tip, I will be times that the same program. English is thank God for me not a big problem.

Good evening



Antwort von steveb:

That was synonymous with Samplitude. Ggfalls. Download a demo version.


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