Infoseite // Overscan handling during transitions (Premiere Pro 1.5)

Frage von Karen H.:


from these threads are indeed issues with black borders in the "invisible" area in elderly Digital Cams known:
(,, # 91956)

The following problem presents itself to me in the handling of - with the ingested SonyDCR-VX 1000 - computer hardware:

Do I use transitions (such as Cubespin, shoving away, etc.) are those black edges of the overscan area, of course, be seen.

Are there in Premiere Pro (for selected project setting 'DV Playback') an option that the Overscanbereich in the "Transitions target clip auto cropped?

And only for the duration of the transition.

(Using the 'Canopus realtime DV' project settings can be adjusted in the 3DRT it fades with "Enable overscan handling." The only problem here -> this will be applied not only to the target clip, but synonymous to "including" lying Clip , which leads to strange effects. This may be in transition effects that do not perform both clips a motion be conspicuous. In 'Cubespin' example, not only the 'Würfelclip' an overscan cropping is subjected, but synonymous of 'Vollbildclip', the sudden scaling experiences.)

One could go on and scale 'Effect Settings' - 'move' all the clips at 103%. However, this has the great disadvantage that if the entire project must be rendered. (I am thinking in particular s.den disk space for the directory 'video preview' and 'Adjusted Audio'!)

Keyframes for scaling of 100% to 103% during the transition is of course unacceptable, since optical noticeable when the clip at the moment of transition is slightly larger at one time.

Are there any alternatives (... except the whole DV footage immediately after capturing again as avi with) to export 103% scaling?



Antwort von Markus:

"Karen H." wrote: One could go on and scale 'Effect Settings' - 'move' all the clips at 103%.
Hi Karen,

to your actual question, I can indeed do nothing, but of the scale I would strongly advise. Namely, that you destroy the fields, which means that all frames must be interpolated. It takes not only his time but synonymous to the detriment of image quality.


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