Infoseite // Own transition (; Transition) create in Motion, used in Final Cut Pro?

Frage von Randoms:

I've created a scene transition in Motion, or an animation that I would like to use as a scene transition.
How can you save something it in Final Cut Pro will be selected as the transition is?
I only know the "Save as Template" command in Motion.
Does anyone know it?


Antwort von highdefinition79:

I know myself now not intentionally made with transitions, but FCE and Motion have a bridge. That is, they can easily read the data from the sister program. Should be no problem as the times.


Antwort von Randoms:

Yes I was just happy to save as a transition for him simply to withdraw from Favorites Effects tab on an intersection.

I've now saved as a master template with drop zones.
A little cumbersome, but is synonymous.


Antwort von chrisl:

Les you sometime in the theme of "Alpha Transitions." This can achieve exactly what you want.
The explanation here, unfortunately a bit expensive, but there are a lot of tutorials at Apple, YouTube, etc.!


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