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Frage von djscorcher25:


I've taken with my HPX 301 in DVCPro HD 1080i.
The material has been copied to PC ... ornungsgemäß the P2 cards are already formatted. My problem:
The P2 Viewer is a clip of a Picture in the middle of playback suddenly gray, but the sound is next. There is a shared auto clip that is longer than that is 4:55 minutes. What's going on? The problem I have now for the 2 times (; about a year ago for the first time). The camera is in use every week.
After about 4 minutes then the actual gray Picture Picture coming back until the clip is finished after 4:55 minutes.
Can it be s.der memory card? (; 2 x 64GB)

Can anyone help? Thank you!


Antwort von handiro:

Ouch! that sounds bad! I would then go to Pana. Either a card or the firmware have ne Macke? No idea can, I think this will help None. Are these the new cheap tickets? Which I do not trust anyway.


Antwort von rush:


it may be that you have more clips yet to "merge"?

Know the Camera not only know when the 4GB limit the AVCHD editing programs sometimes causes problems and you s.besten overlapping clips s.der 4GB limit per copy command "merged" - zusammenfpgt so that the NLE the clips swallowing problems ..

Since the clips, but you already own a Panasonic Viewer sound problems make something funny ...


Antwort von deti:

"Rush" wrote: it may be that you have more clips yet to "merge"?
No, so you would have seen at P2 merge a lot of files, because the video track and every (!) Soundtrack will be recorded as separate files.

If the video file s.einer small area is damaged, it could help transcoding. If the data is actually being defective over a greater distance, helps nothing. In any case, I would send it to the Panasonic P2 affected service. The camera itself should not make such mistakes - no preference with which firmware. Should it not be s.der P2, I would recommend to the camera to be verified as well.



Antwort von mon3:

The problem I've had already synonymous, but it represented a transfer of a P2 cards to the other, ie. a part of the clip was on the first and the rest on the second. solution both cards is also in the P2 drive or camera to have to cut and then put it out there works without gray.

but should not in principle be dasstimmt already.


Antwort von Jürgen F.:

@ Djscorcher25
"... The material has been copied to PC ... ornungsgemäß the P2 cards are already formatted."
Go to times closer detail. Do you have only one card copied to the PC. Or was it two cards? Which partition you have chosen?
What does the import section of your program. If the error occurs only in the P2 viewer-which version? Is the original TC during the next gray box? Can you open the damaged clip with another player / play?
Regards Jürgen F.


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