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Frage von MaverikMS2001:

Hello dear friends video.

I made a small spot and those created in Full HD. But now I need a DV Pal 16:9 variant. Good I thought no problem. New sequence settings set DV Pal 16:9 Progressive
and content copied. Now content to frame size and adjust export.

When I watch the video Exported from now it looks distorted and is more like 4:3 than 16:9. If I import the clip into Premiere, but again and I look at the Clip Info so there is 16:9 pixel ratio 1.4587?

Since I almost exclusively with "desktop size" work now my question is normal that the video does not appear wide. How can I ensure that it is displayed correctly.


Antwort von newsart:

The effect is "normal." DV PAL always draws in 4:3, then there is information that tells the player that the picture must be stretched anamorphic. There are players who interpret this info with others you have to set manual. However, PAL is always synonymous interleaced, never progressive.


Antwort von MaverikMS2001:

So much meaning it would be to export the Project for PC in 1024x576 progressive With square pixels.

For the DVD player then as a 720x576 pixel ratio with 1.4 and Interleaced. What is there actually lower standard or prime?


Antwort von WoWu:

@ MaverikMS2001
Let it progressive, unless the main playback is done on a tube TV. Each DV Player can handle it.
Your project size is 1050x576 way.
The normal order at Field DV (720x576) is the way, Lower-field-first.
If the material is therefore of HD, then the field order to be rotated, if you will (i play). If you come from 50p HD originals, you have in there with the rotation of a small flaw, because you see the frames with two not mutually s.Schnittstellen belonging Filed fill.


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