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Frage von eXp:


I'm looking for a useful preview monitor for video editing (; mainly!).
I am currently using an LG Flatron L227WT and L227WT one, the Picture of L227WTP but you can get in the barrel!, There was the much better predecessor.

Therefore necessary to establish a new ago, the performance should have a very "real" color.

I was thinking of s.etwas EIZO or NEC. The only question is what device you recommend there?

There already was viable for 500 to ¬? Or should you prefer to invest twice?



Antwort von stonecutter:

Pity that nobody responds, but if I can just add, ne question ;-)

I need a larger screen with 23 inches or more. However, I would not spend more like 300-350 ¬. He should have good Full HD resolution and for a layman as a preview screen is sufficient.

Can someone tell me how schilmm 50i micro-fibrillation of the material on a 60Hz refresh rate with LCD? Or does the whole thing on the model of it?
I want to enjoy my videos can halt, that is not really Warnehmbares flicker / judder. 100% "real" need not be the Picture.

Unfortunately, I was able to find anything on the Internet, I'll buy Ansonstne just blind and cheap and then return if not fit ...


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Some LCDs can be synonymous to 50Hz set, which improves the playback of 50Hz material because it looks like liquid.
The LG 2361V/VP dominated the 50 Hz and delivers a decent picture. Of synonymous to gamble is well suited.

For a TFT with high fidelity, but you have to spend even more than ¬ 500.

Here is a test to the 21.5 "model that I have:


Antwort von stonecutter:

Quote: Vertical frequency [Hz]: 56 - 75

But the picture is to look good with you? I'm not so professional requirements, may only get a headache Because it flickers Sun grässlig ;-)

But he is really cheap. I'd like a few inches more, 24-27 max.
How do I know then that it is suitable for my purposes (50hz video neat show)?

¬ 500 defenitiv too much to me, do it already cost over 200 ¬.


Antwort von RickyMartini:

50Hz is not in it though, it is yet.

In PRAD Forum you can always hang times for advice! )


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