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Frage von TrentWalker:

Hi All,

I have already tried with the forum search, but unfortunately I lack any know-how in this regard please do not complain So if I simply did not know the right keywords.

Following task makes me very puzzled.

I want my PC screen to DVD recording using a standalone DVD recorder.

Zotac graphics card is a 275 with two DVI and an HDTV output.

To the DVI ports which depend on two screens divide the desktop,
via S-video, I would now like to clone one screen to the DVD recorder so that I can just record the events by Rec.

Problem 1 is of secondary importance, as soon as I activate the TV out, I get notified that the GraKa supports only two output devices. That is not bad second monitor next to the recording wärend synonymous like to be disconnected.

Issue 2 When I power off the second LCD, enable the TV Output and then say 1 and 3 switches to clone the primary screen of 1920 to me (I guess) 700 DVD Resolutionum anything.
Can I prevent this somehow?

The DVD recorder is a Denver for little money and then the whole conceived as a joke for friends and youtube is DVD quality would be sufficient.

The S-video signal arrives, the test was simply my Archos as an output device, DVD Rec s.den hanged. Has possibly what to do with the output device? The Archos 700 yes synonymous supports only a very small resolution.

For helpful tips I would be very grateful

Best wishes

Edit just say that I prefer the version with regard to hardware framerate and would therefore not want to use software to capture.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

So, of course, software would be better!

Camtasia is good and the example is your money worth I use here.

Whether one can split DVI to S Video, unfortunately I do not know.

My NLE editing cards do have BreakOut / In boxing, but rather because you can let's say, recording a game console ... or spend just a film with - but unfortunately not stop the screen.

B. DeKid


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