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PC mit TV verbinden , Wie  ???

PC connect with TV, How?

Frage von oplaner:
März 2006

Hello, I'm quite new here and have a question! The search has helped me not next!

So: I would like my PC with the TV connected to DVD and other format of my PC hard drive to look at the TV!

My TV is equipped with 2 SCART connectors, and another 3 SVideo Chinchstecker color (red, white, yellow)

My PC has a Secondary RADEON 9000 series graphics card
AMD Athlon 1700 + 768 MB RAM!

I can now combine both? I do not have the idea!

Can I ask someone here to help!


Antwort von Stefan:

Has your Secondary RADEON 9000 series graphics card TV-OUT connector (TV-output)?

Good luck
The thick Stefan

Antwort von prem:

times under the graphics card has a TV-output (yellow RCA jack or S-video), then connect you-preferably-S-Video jacks (or poorer quality in the yellow RCA jacks) of TV and PC with the corresponding cable. Then the sound of any connection Headphones output (stereo jack) to the PC to the white / red jacks of the TV production. Then when the PC edition via the Control Panel according to the output jacks at the TV guide and the appropriate AV channel (AV-S?) Choose.
Alternatively, you can synonymous-with appropriate adapter cable to scart (picture + sound)-select input of the TV (AV1 or AV2).
The picture on the TV is usually worse towards what a DVD Stehallein supplies.

Antwort von Mercury:


I feel it just as OPLAN. Now I have one question as I said in the panel output to the output jack lead.
In addition, I have on my graphics card (ATI 9800 Pro), only a TV-out connector. Is it then, only this anzustecken or do I need the yellow RCA-Male synonymous yet ??????

Danke schon mal in advance

Antwort von V-Tex:

Hi! I've synonymous to a similar problem as the two before me.
So, I recently had the idea of my television to my PC. There has been synonymous geklappt but after a while, I simply no longer had BLIDS. I wrote a Nividia GeForce 5600th When I start the PC it shows me on the television until the logon screen at all. but then is final ... . Kann mir da vllt. next someone help?
Thanks in advance!

Antwort von coconut:

After the login screen, the Drivers for the GraKa loaded. It is in your case, the "culprit".
You must be in the output drivers for the Television explicitly released.
Evt. other settings are still necessary to take out the user manual and look for or directly from nvidia.

Antwort von V-Tex:

thank best works super!

Antwort von coconut:

Your welcome.

Antwort von Jontzy:

have exactly the same problem at the start that he only shows the loading screen. where should I change because the drivers

mfg Jontzy

Antwort von zEcKe:

Hello! I've synonymous a Radeon 9000 Series ...
The only has an S-VIDEO TV-OUT. My television has no S-video input. Did I say NEN adapter of S-VIDEO to RCA worried.
However, the picture only in black and white ... Why?

Are there any great programs with which I can control everything? The ATI stuff in my desktop settings weird way for some time disappeared ...

Antwort von thos-berlin:

If you put your card is not of YC (S-Video) on FBAS can switch, the adapter does not bring, because the color of the adapter of the cable cores are ignored. If you can switch the card, then on the appropriate line a complete signal (also with color).

Antwort von zEcKe:

Thanks for the answer!
How do I turn off because the order? As I said, all the ATI stuff is gone. Do not know why or when this happened.
Gibts da ne software or something?

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Good question, next question. Reinstall the drivers and see what happens.

Antwort von burito:


I have a similar problem as mentioned above. If I use my laptop via S-video output with RCA jack on the television?. I see everything on television except when I start a film viewing everything as normal on my screen is synonymous to the film but the television is the area where the film really should be able to run black.
Thanks in advance

Antwort von joey_maggot:

have the same problem!

everything runs fine except when i give me a movie from pc on tv, I want to bild schwarzes can do something about it?

I have pc and tv with s-video and SCART connected

ask for feedback!


Antwort von thos-berlin:

PC experts: Did not somehow with overlay or something to do? .....

Antwort von inlineman:

Hello Peoples

I'm new here, have my problem or my phenomenon in the form here in the forum did not find my question here Problembeschrieb:

Have an older PC with a GeForce4 graphics card, via the HDMI port on a LCD HD Ready SonyBravia connected, but the picture flickers and flickers hammmer moderately strong.

PC graphics card:
Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 AGP8X

- Current and maximum resolution: 1024 * 768
- Current Driver Date: 01.06.2006
- Current driver version:

The graphics card has two DVI outputs

- One with the screen connected
- The second I have with the LCD TV connected via DVI - HDMI adapter.
- HDMI cable 3m long

Am I TV via the external output rerspektive HDMI input, although the PC Picture, but it flickers enormous.

Has anyone any idea why?

My guess:
Currently, yes now Resolutionvon 1024 * 768 synonymous via the second DVI output of the graphics card on the TV output (via HDMI)

Could it be that the TV via HDMI Will a higher resolution? If the TV the HDMI connection ourselves, and the signal from the PC to receive, what seems of 1080i (i stands for the best of my knowledge interpolate what that means in detail, I do not know)

the problem is that I can with this video card drivers will not go higher resolutions than 1024 * 768 maximum

Merci for your valuable inputs * smile *

PS still looking for just the web, if I find newer drivers, and possibly as regarding Higher resolution settings might go?

When I read the TV manual, I see regarding the external connections following:

Connection of PC:
in the figure we see the recommendation that the VGA connector on the TV to use
this is still one more comment: The used PC cable should ferrite ring cores for shielding have what synonymous always likes hot again?

for the tone it down like a tuned input Cinsch

Under the heading of the TVs HDMI port is:
The HDMI - jacks only support the following video - Signals:
480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p and 1080i. For a PC, use the PC input

PC Input Bienungsanleitung according to the LCS SonyBravia HD Ready TVs, the VGA connector

Incidentally, have now called the Sony support and follow because I was advised:

The Resolutionvon 1366 * 768 to use?!
And with another PC or any other graphics card to test again, depending on the outcome until the cable switch

If no special HDMI cable, the DVI - HDMI adapter cost around 29 - SFr.

Merci for your help>> will tonight take my PC and the TV with my girlfriend connect>> my PC, I have a few weeks ago, re-used, has a graphics card with 512 MB (Nvidia 8600 GT or something similar)

Antwort von toemmchen:

hab synonymous as a problem in the following:
synonymous want my tv with my laptop verbindn. 'm from S-Video output via a RCA adabpter synonymous gone so then u einaml to a SCART to RCA adapter and a different times on chinch gone home. in both cases the same results. NOTHING! On laptopb can not even to an external device to switch. recognizes credible because I do not because that what hangs on it. vll kann mir da ja irgndwer help?

for a better picture of my problems:
TOSHIBA Satellite A200 1O6
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400
if you what else needs to solve my problems then says it.

hopefully soon someone can give me helfn.
THANKS in advance!

Antwort von Piotrek:

Hello've following problem

hab ne Geforce7500LE with DVI output
Hab nen DVI - VGA adapter purchased and connected with my Television (samsung) via VGA

He shows me no picture everything is black

MFG Piotrek

Antwort von senox:

I have a problem synonymous with the connection.
With me is the picture at the TV in black and white flickers.
Sound is this!

I have a Geforce fx 5600 and a tv with 2 Scart connections (comes with a nix and the other is the flicker sw)

Antwort von Markus:

"senox" wrote:
With me is the picture at the TV in black and white flickers.

A clean black and white picture you get when a composite input Y / C signal is fed. In such a case, lacking only the color, but otherwise everything is okay.

If the s / w-Picture flickers but additionally, flickers, or any model depicted, then it means that an S-video input a composite signal is fed. Aufmodulierte The color of the composite signal then disturbs the (s/w-) Picture.

In short, the body concerned at the Television scart to composite connection times (other names for: FBAS synonymous or "video"). - Does it work?

Antwort von senox:

In short, the body concerned at the Television scart to composite connection times (other names for: FBAS synonymous or "video"). - Does it work?

Do you perhaps AV?

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