Infoseite // PC does not boot, showing only signs of the line graphics card to ..?

Frage von prem:

Very big and great: I'll be 2 months s.meinen PC, turn it on and get a black screen (that I get into the BIOS or any other menu) with a line s.Anfang, including the blinking cursor. That's all. According to Dell Support act is the "number" (letters, numbers and a serial or version number) of the graphics card and thus depends synonymous with this together. Of course, I've just bought a new one installed and = the same problem only this time the "number" (letters, numbers and a serial or version number) of the new graphics card appears .... what could be the reason, obviously not s.der card, right? On the motherboard? ... no idea what I could work on ... * Thumbs up * *

PS: What might have happened, maybe a voltage-current history, because the thing does not s.Netzschalter posted 2 months?


Antwort von AndyZZ:

On the graphics card it is not quite sure. Your BIOS Battery Could all be (but rarely synonymous) or just the motherboard (that it was for me two weeks ago, as had a new here, because the north bridge had been adopted).


Antwort von steveb:

If possible, remove everything first from the board and start only with Calculator Graphic card. If necessary (if more than one RAM latches are in there) once synonymous with only ONCE memory latches. If it still does not pull boot, bios reset (battery pin, if available). Synonymous if it does not work .... the motherboard "shoot "...:-)


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