Infoseite // PC does not recognize Sony Camera

Frage von StefanKolb84:

For imaging devices in the Control Panel nothing shows up!

My Requirements:

Connection via FireWire, only with Windows XP SP1, 1394 Host: ok
Video Deluxe 2003/04 and Movie Maker, Camera: SonyDCR-HC14E (setting to "Player" and "USB -Stream/On").

Did not with USB or FireWire with success!

Thank you!


Antwort von Stefan:

A tip to the Firewire port from the current c't:

Calculator runterfahren.
Camera with Firewire cable connected
Camera in player mode to bring
Begin a longer clip abzupielen
Now for the first boot Calculator

My guess

Windows to the fact "better investigate" about the source of the data on the firewire card ...

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Jan:

Hello Stefan,

USB streaming is on SonyHC 14 anyway for the webcam feature, the film goes full Resolution720x576 at the HC 14 only via Firewire, it is not USB Highspeedfähig.

DirectX is the current version on the PC?

There was anger in the forum again with SP 2, but there are Programs that are dependent on SS 2 for dubbing (eg Panasonic, some originals).

Otherwise, seek his views Makus Bestsellers dubbing, the PC ....



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