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Film auf PC aufnehmen mit CANON HV10

PC film on record with CANON HV10

Frage von joku:
Juni 2007

Hi folks,

I read already a few days since anything on the topic but somehow I do not come next. So my concern, I must look forward. Sorry if it already several times, so similar was discussed:

I have all my movies (SONY PC-5) with MediaStudio7 of Ulead played on hard drive, edit and create DVDs. Everything was super.

Now I have a new HDV Camera CANON HV10 increased. Now I noticed that my software does not recognize these HV10 and I can not record movies.

Now I have the trial version of Ulead Video Studio 11 plus drauf played (have Windows XP SP2) and lo and behold my HV10 is recognized.
However, I can only in DV format (yes, I can change the Camera s.der output) video on the hard drive recording.

As soon as I can on HDV and I try to get error messages like: "Can not change recording mode. Verify that your video capture driver ordnungsmeäß works."

The Camera I can about the software, namely then control, but he included me. At least not as HDV.

Well and now I do not know more next!

Can me of someone you give a hint as I create my HDV videos to hard drive to record and edit?
Has anyone similar problems or even a solution?
Synonymous happy I changed the software. For whom does the HV10 with other software affordable?

I hope for your help, because it makes the camera and the editing so no fun.

Danke schon mal!


Antwort von Nio:


Should actually work with HDV ... ¬ 102.34 (was für nen sch ... price to ¬ 2.34, they can forgo ...)

* Edit: Demo is synonymous

Antwort von RoDiAVision:

Hello Jochen,

I use Ulead Video Studio 10 plus and so I can without any problems of my HV 20 in HDV on play.

Have you ever tried the following:

The camera output to HDV set the calculator to boot, connect the camera (FireWire) and switch on, wait until Windows has recognized your camera.
Now VS 11 and start in the recording mode, go here on video Click here would have to source Canon - HDV and appear in MPEG format should stand.

Maybe it is so.



Antwort von scream:

HDVSplit nehmen, damit die Aufnahmen als HDV capturen and anschliessend zum Schnitt/Weiterverarbietung in ein Programm deines vertrauens importieren.

Viele Grüße,

Antwort von joku:

@ Dirk:
Dirk Thanks for the tip! I will this time just in order to try and then report back to you.
Have you voted for the VS10plus certainly HV10 this patch installed. Can it be that it goes and so perhaps this patch in the trial version of the VS11plus is not incorporated?

Karol @:
I downloaded times. Can I use the files with all the usual programs (eg VS11 or Magix Deluxe 2007 plus) further?

@ All:
Hat maybe someone experiences whether it is synonymous with Magix Deluxe and the HV10 works?

Danke schon mal!

Antwort von scream:

"joku" wrote:

Karol @:
I downloaded times. Can I use the files with all the usual programs (eg VS11 or Magix Deluxe 2007 plus) further?

With Vegas and Premiere Pro works well, should be synonymous with the other.

Many greetings,

Antwort von RoDiAVision:

"joku" wrote:
@ Dirk:
Dirk Thanks for the tip! I will this time just in order to try and then report back to you.
Have you voted for the VS10plus certainly HV10 this patch installed. Can it be that it goes and so perhaps this patch in the trial version of the VS11plus is not incorporated?


Hello Jochen,

no patch the HV10, I had not installed, but I have become synonymous times UVS11 plus the demo installed (besides the 10er version) and so I could not synonymous shots.
Then I have the HV10-10 patch for the version installed and it works now synonymous with version 11!

Since the patches according Ulead demo version is not the way I do not know whether it will work with you.
Can be synonymous, the patch requires version 10 and not in the 11er version tag.

I could synonymous yet nothing particularly new note to me that an upgrade of version 10 to 11 could move.

I think the version 10 recently for around 17 euros to have seen.



Antwort von znieh:

Video Studio 10 can be easily and is currently very cheap. Patch.

Pinnacle Studio in the previous version (I think 10) inst synonymous inexpensive, works with the HV10.

Otherwise take HDV Split.

Antwort von joku:

Thank you Dirk & Znieh,

I will me the VS10plus get the patch and jungle. Then yes it should be synonymous in my work. Thanks again!

Which program do you think is better: VS10plus or Pinnacle Studio 10?

So far I have had Ulead was really pleased. What program can I get a better result to DVD?


Antwort von RoDiAVision:

So of Pinnacle Video Studio 10, I would let the fingers go look at the Pinnacle's own forum, because the versions are not exactly 9 +10 with becklekert fame.

I myself have the version 9, so I can wonderfully DV editing with Avis, but when it comes to Mpeg2 cut, since I use the crisis of war, how can it be an Mpeg2 file of the me of 60 minutes to about 45 minutes cut s.Ende and 45 minutes, the piece size more than the 60-minute piece? at the same bitrate and if you're unlucky, the video s.Ende synonymous nor asyncron.

A pity really, the comfort of her videos to be cut, I find this program very, very intuitive to use.
Meanwhile there's the version 11, which is supposed to be removed a few quirks have a demo version, I could not find yet.

As for DVD's to Mpeg times now mandatory for me, Ulead is currently the first choice.

One observation I have recently made:

I have sat on my card from a broadcast transmitter Munich TV made this to send in a resolution of Beyond DVD format, with just Resolutionfällt not.
The rendering at 576x720 pixels went on Pinnacle Studio 9 is twice as fast and with much better quality than with Ulead VideoStudio 10th

Since this video I do not cut I've had no problems synonymous with asyncronität.

Further processing of the now-compliant DVD video is now a specialty of Ulead.

The one program can sometimes be better than the other and vice versa.



The cutting and other processing of HD-Mpeg2 my HV20 is material previously flawlessly with UVS10.

Antwort von joku:

Thanks s.alle to have helped!

The record of the works now than HV10 HDV with the VS10plus.

I hope the final edit and create a DVD works just as well.

Do you have a tip to me when creating the DVD. Does this then synonymous s.auf televisions, not HDV tuaglich are?


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