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PC for video rendering but synonymous Casual to 1200 EUR

Frage von steptics:

Hello people I have put together a system and for that I'd like to hear your thoughts!
Main application, DV-cut material (soon to be synonymous HD material), Watching movies, maybe a game like synonymous in 3D ;-)

price: ~ 1200 EUR

CPU: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a401758.html
MB: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a483925.html
RAM: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a411316.html
NT: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a300327.html
Cooling: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a501991.html
GraKa: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a567049.html
HDD: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a486924.html
Case: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a566182.html

Now a few hints what I value:
The Board should support and USB3 SATA3.
The system should be as silent, synonymous with no watercooling what will hopefully be seen for some components.

I have received many tips in the direction of AMD, but must say that I will not currently play in the future and little to moderate gaming. Rendering and the like have with me first. Therefore, I tend, synonymous in the matter of faith, more of an Intel processor of there so can play off his strengths better.

I asked why not a cheaper S1156 instead of S1366 system. All I can say only that the price difference of the above plus i7 motherboard 950 in Comparison to a board with P55 Chipset and änhlichen an i7-875K does not actually exist in this forum and I then was advised to clearly S1366.

The hard drive is too slow but will primarily serve as a data grave. Nevertheless, rather than what would be recommended if one resorts to conventional HDDs for the system partition? For a data grave can still be bought even more.

The RAM is at least the size of her generously sized, which I understand, but the feeling still three banks are free to have for me always a good thing, because you may easily buy more something.

Finally, is the graphics card is another bottleneck. However, it does me the silent technology of in particular. If it is comparable Geforce Model and the power supply is still sufficient, I let myself be happy synonymous of convincing a Geforce. However, should satisfy both here 200 EUR for a Radeon alternative as synonymous one from Nvidia and I'm nciht on performance entirely clear.

The RAM was selected because the board's RAM with only 1066 MHz addressing what an investment in higher clocked RAM makes it questionable to me. I also have the Ram was selected in the end and therefore a little under pressure.

I hope you can help give me an objective and evidence that the system is round, more than 1300 - the budget is not there.

Antwort von tommyb:

Well here we go * Finger-cracking *:

Look at this chart first:

The x264 benchmark is not the Holy Grail, but it is not synonymous of him very far away. Here you can compare the sheer computing power of individual processors.

Your processor is not available although, mathematically it is likely but that create the 28.50 frames (note: the second pass is the one who calls on the CPU properly - Pass 1 is "loose").

You write:
Rendering and the like have with me first. Therefore, I tend, synonymous in the matter of faith, more of an Intel processor of there so can play to its strengths better.

As you see, would be a 1090T ever faster than the processor you chose you - he is also synonymous for about 30 ¬ cheaper.

All I can say only that the price difference of the above plus i7 motherboard 950 in Comparison to a board with P55 Chipset and änhlichen an i7-875K does not actually exist in this forum and I then was advised to clearly S1366.

Completely true, but a 1366er system bites with this statement:
The system should be Silent

I have both a 1366er 1156er a system as synonymous. In the 1156er tinkers a Core i7 860, put in a Core i7 920th 1366er Not only that, the 860 renders a bit faster than the 920, this produces less heat synonymous.

Your 950 has a TDP of 130 watts. A 860 has a TDP of 95 watts. Ie, 35 watts less is converted into heat and therefore need not be synonymous of fans are extracted -> fan can rotate more slowly -> system is quieter.

1366er motherboards also have to be synonymous, the property is not particularly economical. The chipset heats up the air a little longer than the 1156er and the land again, of course, in the case.

The 1090T of AMD is the heat of her in a similar range as the 950 and therefore only a budget-based alternative (with AM3 boards are MUCH cheaper than the overpriced 1366er).

Ah yes, experience: Core i7 920 and 860 put both in identical cases. Internally is not the same hardware installed, but the draft is pretty much identical. Both processors have been shipped by undervolting s.ihre limit (-10 ° for both!). The temperature of 920 is at full load with Hyper Threading 72 ° Celsius. The 860 comes to 51 °. Already a big difference I would say ...

This board supports memory with 1333 MHz, PC3-10 667 is for that reason. With a 1156er Board You "only" four memory banks, but still you come to 12GB (and s.die border must come first one). Alternatively, you can rely on synonymous 4x4GB, for a little coal You should then have (so around 80 euros to 90 in 1366 vs. 1156).

As already said, the board in 1366 with extremely overpriced and rarely do more than 1156er.

1333 Mhz, it should be even and especially sharp timing. CL7 is good. I'm here with 2133 MHz memory runs but 1333rd For that I can create stable timings of CL5 and benefits from very straight x264 (1:50 vs. render time. 2:01).

The super-duper-high clock memory is only as a reference ...

Nothing to counter. Be Quiet! Although not ready for the most part myself, but the power supplies they have are really great.

All right. Organize you synonymous but a good thermal compound (possibly even read reviews of this), because that makes good and happy from 1 to 2 degrees.

graphics card:
Passive is a good idea, but the actively cooled Radeon 5000 series from the completely inaudible (5870 with me in it and you hear them really did NOT - and yes, Silent PC).

Background vs. passive. Active:
Also have long resorted to passive cards. But if you rip, reach Tues

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