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PC-Monitor = TV?

PC monitor = TV?

Frage von actaion:
Juni 2009

currently still possess a 19-inch TFT monitor (; 5:4) and want to upgrade sooner or later times.
In particular, since I monitor for image editing is a bit too small.
Had there like 1200 in the vertical resolution.

Now I have a TV or a 55-he-tube natürlcih 4:3-format. For movies / TV football in 16:9 synonymous not the kick.
Before I buy both new, I wanted to ask if today's PC monitors are used as synonymous TV?
How well this works by now?

In order to use the device as both, would therefore provide a monitor with 1920x1200 resolution (, 16:10). Thus it against recent TV Meien what does, he should so around the 24 "be big.
Image editing may well be because, unfortunately, not cheaper TN panel.

Prad When I was able to locate the following 3 models which are already priced s.meinem limit (and all the way at just under 500 ¬), but cheaper's not going well in size and with a good panel:

- Hyundai W241D
- NEC MultiSync 24WMGX ³
- HP LP2475w

But the Hyundai is on prad explicit here that the video quali for interlaced material is rather bad (and no good deinterlacing / vertical resolution halves /) line flicker. then yes that would be detrimental synonymous watching TV, right?
When Nec is that it simple field-interlacing rather than mature does. It is not so explicit in mind that the quality is good only for progressive material (, what is the Hyundai even on the first page indicated).
If the NEC in this respect, therefore, now at least somewhat better than the Hyundai? Or was kept on the NEC for not testing this aspect so important?
The HP is nothing at all to the deinterlacing in the test ...
Who can tell me more accurate?
Is there a look of quality essential differences between the three of the TV (; DVB-T)?

Is it really sensible to take a device for both? Or are there other drawbacks?

Antwort von thos-berlin:

How does it look the other way around? Flat TV with PC connection ....

Antwort von actaion:

"thos-berlin" wrote:
How does it look the other way around? Flat TV with PC connection ....

Do you think that would be better that way around?
The Minitor to halt synonymous editing fitted for image ...

Antwort von thos-berlin:

I think so, but have no practical experience. My thoughts are, however, the following:

A flat computer monitor and a flat-TV actually have the same technology installed. But the PC monitor display needs of home only progressive material. Interlaced is converted from the PC. Monitors with video - are in (very rare and expensive, why? See flat-TV).

Flat TV is designed for interlaced, even though they actually work progrssiv synonymous. Here one is working ausgeklüglete electronics s.der conversion. This has its price and could (and his addition to the tuner) synonymous, the reason for the higher price. It could therefore be synonymous, a higher price for its PC monitors with video input.

I know not with what media you watch TV. Should it be DVB-T, you could be synonymous a matching box with HDMI output, and buy a monitor with HDMI input. (; Whether this will be cheaper than the flat-screen TV?)

Perhaps there is still someone here with real experience ....

Antwort von actaion:

"thos-berlin" wrote:

I know not with what media you watch TV. Should it be DVB-T, you could be synonymous a matching box with HDMI output, and buy a monitor with HDMI input. (; Whether this will be cheaper than the flat-screen TV?)

Yes, DVB-T, I have written above, synonymous.
A DVB-T receiver I have already.
He's not a HDMI, but probably my DVD recorder, which is naturally connected with the receiver.
The DVD recorder then so I could connect via hdmi with the monitor, and watch TV as well as DVDs s.Monitor synonymous. Such was my thinking ...

A TV that would be used as a monitor, by the way even more favorable. Or about the same price, but with 81cm/32 "size!
That is not very large to me as a monitor ...
And the 66er (; 26 ") LCD Tvs, there are only in semi-HD (; 1376x768), which is as a monitor resolution too low.

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