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PMW EX1/3 mit billigen USB-Festplatten bis 168Gbytes nutzbar!

PMW EX1 / 3 with cheap USB hard disks to 168Gbytes usable!

Frage von deti:
April 2009

New day, new experiment: Today, I have, as already announced, an adapter of ExpressCard to USB soldered. How does it work? Quite simply: The ExpressCard slot, the USB data signals on pins 2 and 3rd Additionally, more mass is needed to pin 1. Unfortunately, there are no s.Slot to 5V required for the operation of USB devices really necessary.

Now I have a cable with a USB connector pins of the corresponding s.den ExpressCard slots soldered. As the slot times, I have a ado SDHC Reader ausgeschlachtet and just left the port board (see Figure 1).

To the required 5V to the USB jack to get, I have another USB with mass times and 5V USB socket connected. For now with the USB power supply, any USB power used (commercially, there are countless S.5 ¬, with power supply, battery or batteries).

Does it now s.der USB connector a USB device, so the camera can be accessed. I have several USB devices tested, with the following result:

- USB hubs are known as "Unknown Media" is not recognized.
- 4 of 5 USB 2.0 card readers work easily with SDHC or CF cards (probably synonymous Sony Memory Sticks, etc.)
- USB sticks can be directly used
- Hard disks on IDE or SATA adapter can be easily operated.

For all connected via USB mass storage, a write transfer rate of at least 8.3 Mbytes / s possible. These relatively high bandwidth is necessary because the camera is not continuous, but only once every 2-3 seconds a data block writes. This must then, logically, with a higher data rate than normal 4.4Mbytes / s (35MBits / s) transferred.

The Sonylieferbare of hard drive PHU60K has a 60Gbyte medium in the form of a 1.8 "IDE disk to a USB adapter with the camera is connected. When you are a bigger hard drive, so it will be of the Camera auto detected partitioned and formatted. However, it seems that the firmware of the camera a hard limit of 84Gbytes (or 308 minutes at 35MBits / s) must be set. This is a partition created with 84Gbytes and this with a FAT filesystem. The rest of the space remains unused .

After all, can be presented with the above solution with the help of two USB hard disks of a capacity 168Gbytes (or 716Minuten at 35MBits / s) to take advantage. That is considerably more than anything Sonybisher available.

Sodala, now you can use the soldering iron swing ;-)


EDIT: A suitable power supply for the external USB hard drive would be this product. But I am sure you have what is synonymous to be.

Antwort von krokymovie:

Man, you are just fine.


Antwort von deti:

I would like to emphasize that I see it as the sporting ambition is to make such a solution. Obviously I do not guarantee for the success of such craft activities for you! Who s.seiner Camera rumbastelt, does this always at your own risk and should know what he's doing!


Antwort von r.p.television:

Still cool.
Had not thought that the hardware on this slot so readily accepted a hard drive. Yes but what is more than a memory of it because of lead times, etc.
This should not Sonygar taste. Makes me wonder even more that there is nothing there of any third party.

Antwort von deti:

"rptelevision" wrote:
This should not Sonygar taste. Makes me wonder even more that there is nothing there of any third party.

Hm .. because this would be a limit of 84GB. For me, the question arises whether the intention or a bug. At least the hard drive in LBA mode, allowing a theoretical limit of 128GiB in 28Bit mode or of 128PiB in 48Bit mode exists.

It would be nice if Sonydieses limit by a firmware update would repeal - possibly PHU if a model with more than 80GB on the market should be. So you could, for example on a 1TB disk approximately 3800 minutes or 63 hours to record!

I've tried many tricks the camera unterzujubeln a larger partition, but that has unfortunately always only says "Format Media" led.


Antwort von frm:

I would not trust s.meiner Ex1 so rumzubauen.

Antwort von deti:

"frm" wrote:
I would not trust s.meiner Ex1 so rumzubauen.

We have several EX3 with Prime Support - tinkers because it is a little more relaxed. I am totally untalented, what the shooting is concerned ;-)


Antwort von Jogi:

Super idea, super solution. Congratulations!

Antwort von adel:

very good.

Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

Hello deti,

clean work!

In order to minimize soldering something, I suggest, just a USB jack and the power anzulöten on a anzusteckendes called USB Y-cable

Antwort von deti:

The idea I had s.Sonntag synonymous! In the absence of an appropriate Y-cable and an additional time because the whole moppelig makes something, I apologize for the direct solution. Together with a 100Gbyte 1.8 "disk and a small 2Ah Li-Ion Battery fits the gadget directly s.einen BP-U60 via Velcro on it. The term is in this setup around 10am - so easy enough for mere 308 minutes recording time .


Antwort von marilyn:

one has ever tried to s.rechner a larger disk to partition and the partition is 80gb in size to hold, whether the ex1 then multiple disk / partition or recognizes but with only a 84gb that can be used? would be interesting times

Antwort von deti:

"Marilyn" wrote:
one has ever tried to s.rechner a larger disk to partition and the partition is 80gb in size to hold, whether the ex1 then multiple disk / partition or recognizes but with only a 84gb that can be used? would be interesting times

Who can read, is a clear advantage.


Antwort von marilyn:

"deti" wrote:

Who can read, is a clear advantage.


from your texts is nothing to conclude that you've tried what I've meant.

According to your statement, you have tried the camera a larger partition "unterzujubeln", but not multiple partitions of the size that they can recognize.

I let myself be happy, but of a humane lesebegabten correct

Antwort von deti:

Another partition scheme as the Camera of the written notification will lead to the "Unknown Media" or "Media format".

No, it's definitely not - at least not with the current firmware.


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