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PP CS3 Export Problem Wer hat ne Idee

PP CS3 Export Problem Who has an idea

Frage von B.DeKid:
November 2010

Ok I must go to what matters

So I've created a Project Tutorial - is really just ne Just 4 Fun story - yet

So I made the basic information in advance

1280x720 25fps to
Duration 9:26 min

53 short clips Screen capture - TechSmith avi
32 Text - JEPG
5 PSD Files
2 folded SoundTracks - mp3

All Screen Capture clips were played faster / upSpeed

The entire clip slides easily into the preview

Now I want to export the disks **> I go to Media Encoder

Body a ...

MP4 H.264 AAC VBR 2 pass 6 Target Max 12

I then start the process gives ne "Fatal error ..." Message and PP makes the food.


I can re-render open Project Workspace> Audiovorschu creates 10.8% and hey presto, PP goodbye again.


So Project open again, resave as Project XY 1 min, NEN Cut set at exactly 1 minute rest> Delete on Export go> .... wonderfully the first minute he renders me without Mukkes.

So again Main Project section start at 1 min and 3 min averaged beginning and end, delete the part Min 2 s.den initial push, again> Export .... - Abruch PP has blablabla fatal error message.


So just as an EXPORT> Film> QuickTime for example - the whole> retry again the same game, whole project is not clear, have a subset that is folded, the first min, 2 min does not go back.


System drive down empty cache etc. We go around in circles will not render simple. Virtual enough memory available, hard s.laufen processes, system stable and clean.


I will now try to reach out once the project next s.AE to export render it there.

Also, I'm going to try the MP3 sound file that I created via Sound Forge of NEM had the track I have cobbled together to involve as wav.

But then I am with my s.Ende Latin.

So if anyone has an idea let me know.
Except Sun slogans such as:
- The Media Encoder is great NEN Progi
- Buy NEN Mac and working with Final Cut Pro
- Do you need more RAM
- Tomorrow will be better weather then it works out already
- Etc.

I'm open to any ideas.


As I said, is not the first tutorial that I throw together with Premiere and it has to date not been any such samples.

So who has an idea please notify me, thanks.

B. DeKid

Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

You've already given the answer yourself: Purchase NEN Mac and with reasonable quality programs and hardware work.

If thou hast no buck, then you usual but at least once NEN decent workflow with continuous codecs. Why do you roll in this weird codec AVIs, together with PSD and then still synonymous exportierst MP3 and then to h.264? Yet no one is working. That can only go in your pants.

Lie down on an intra-frame video codec set, and on an intra-frame codec and audio formats ON. And you go out also in the same audio - and video codec. On the Mac that would be quite natural and ProRes AIF or WAV, s.PC, no idea, but something's will be yes.

What do you then place with the master clip, then no preference, but that one works just. What do you do but tinker is.


Antwort von Charlinsky:

Hi, I worked synonymous with CS 3 and CS 4 on Windows (now mon since about 6. Thank God with Mac) and synonymous in the same format had made. I can not understand your problem completely, but I had never adjusted the codecs synonymous, but only the default settings in Media Encoder and exported all over the desired format. Why are you pretending for all the values??
Ultimately brings you much, if he now renders a few minutes longer, or not, but no preference.

Try it a try, go to export with H264/Pal with 1280/720 and let the rest of the program.
If it did, can possibly set some distance from the point keyframes
set to 6.
Had I but synonymous only tested because I had s.Anfang times instead of a 16:9 picture 4:3. Obs was because I can say no, then has always worked.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Well dear Marc, believe it or not we use Camtasia for years to make screen captures. And if one of the files in the AVI container port and had its premiere to date there have had no probs. The codec of Camtasia TechSmith.

Synonymous funny is that I stack the avi files in Premiere can insert blank synonymous and can arbitrarily make UpSpeeds of 200% up to 1200 - very varied and Premiere renders me this without the sample.

Premiere also renders without sample and PSD files so synonymous in the proper format created JEPG

Synonymous and it swallows the MP3 files.

Unless I see as not a problem first.



So, I just sometimes - I mean yes I store all steps from -

- Sound File Without trying to render a chance
- Screen captures summarized / grouped no chance
- Trying to render only half a chance
- An AE served next, nada


To my "Oh unproductive regular workflow"
* I go to one LOL *

The Picture has been processed in PS
> Of any operation was being held in short screen captures, and involved the capture window and PS matched exactly to 1280x720
> 11 pieces all steps have been taken the corresponding video files into separate folders sotiert
> There was a script created in which each step explained Lower written and> then was numbered and each file imported into PP
> Now everything has been moved to the timeline and the playing time adjusted SpeedUp * *
> Was done when everything was made with help of Sound Progis a music track together and pass this inserted exactly


So if that's not conscientious work, then I know next no longer synonymous, I mean it's just a "Just 4 Fun" / "private" project but at least I do something is not the first time ... Objectively, so please stay - Thank you.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I have an idea but so what it might be possible

After the error messages I've looked through time - oh yes that's what I can synonymous ... I have a feeling there with the premiere of Speicherzuweissung has a prob.

The Camtasia Files have 5 fps and should be spent to 25 fps, and in the same round at a speed up of the same place.

With the number of over 50 Files premiere seems to be no longer to get behind, so I'll probably try it once before all the Camtasia files to encode at 25 fps and indeed synonymous without the sound.
Integrate them back into the Project or in a new project and then the individual steps separately / they can be presented individually summarized as a string. I will then make the SpeedUp separately for each step.

So I then s.Ende 11 clips of the already fit Speed-wise, I'll throw it to the statements - which I will create synonymous as separate clips.
Couple that with all the 3 still frames and the Music and then we'll see next ;-)

I let my piss so I am not of PP.

LOVE TO YOU AND MARC ... I let synonymous output any clips as DNxHD before I put the stuff together and the MP3 will be output as Wav synonymous promised ;-)

And then we wonder if that's see the Media Encoder render me as MP4 download to make it up on Youtube - see the people as I leave his father values on Picture to transform it in ne fake postcard.

For it is said that there are people who intressieren port for how to edit and NEN NEN Picture postcard layout.


************************************************** ******

And YES I would like that was the clear this thread to smile for so many is where but I'm actually the one who always give the other NEN advice or tip / can, but if I'm just like the view that it may in the long the network could have someone to give me antee them simple tip of the

Antwort von Tuffy:

With the Mac, decent hardware and great software - whatever that this bull testicles crap? Can you not accept other software and have to represent everything as dung, or where an apple is not it? Is terrible ...

The Problem:
I'm assuming you use the CS4? I'm in PP with the Media Encoder to export something and exports can never, ever about AE (and it worked pretty well synonymous).
Otherwise, my advice is to check the signal chain: all mp3s are Kosher? (Possibly even convert it to WAV), comes only when the export h.264?

I myself always in the export DNxHD, and then in accordance with MPEG Streamclip mpeg4 h.264. Then makes debut only one thing that does not compress movie render +, and the result is often not synonymous bad.

If it is CS5, normal export dialog without Media Encoder.


Antwort von Jörg:

With the number of files seems to premiere more than 50 no longer there to get behind

You're kidding?
I have a project with almost 2 TB of data (about 1500 files) had. Everything colorful beautiful mess, Premiere has not even pulled up his shoulders ...

Your problem is with the camtasia the changing frequencies.
All in a sequence, insert them into a new and customize only the time, what happens?
Change the jpegs, here I s.and s.Probleme synonymous with large quantities.
And to clear as many cache (hopefully has enough size and a quiet place, away from the Project) delete all the preview files and providing plenty of space on the disk is written to, plenty of space

@ Tuffy
stand next to you so totally agree on the "buy NEN mac" Gesülze, the bite reflex is of, as he calls it Mylenium? Fairy tale, just ...

but the rest of your stories Render is utter rubbish.
I counted out thousands of files from the AME with CS4, CS5 with the same.
If it were anything goes wrong, is s.der config, the field is great, but you will always find something.

Ah yes, Billy is on the move CS3 ...

Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

Well, yes I do not have to deal with your problems is indeed meant only nice, but the fact is, I'm here ... no idea, I think 10-12 Macs and PCs sitting around 3-4 in the production and know of no such problems. I only know her from before the Macs, and then I'm forced to learn, with the work of my recommended approach, because the PCs have any gezickt s.wenigsten.

After the switchover Apple, we have retained these rules, I do not think not a failure, but if you know better think and with oblique interframe codecs make out, so I hope you continue to have fun with your handiwork:) And always nice to People hear that sit at home as a hermit s.einem-built with stolen software and eat the wisdom with a spoon for breakfast! ;) I could not care less that's true:)


Antwort von Jörg:

na, such spoon for breakfast would certainly not hurt you ....

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