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Frage von KrischanDO:


Project in a sudden I get after opening in each clip on the timeline the message: "Media offline".
The source files are definitely there, not moved, nix.
When I right-click with a clip on "Activate" and uncheck dial again, the clip back online.
EDIT: internal self-generated elements such as a red color, want to "revived" are.

Straight PPro synonymous has once again forgotten the last projects and a few ideas, such as the Auto-Save interval.

Can this (still not existential, but) annoying fix it?

Thanks, Christian


Antwort von KrischanDO:


the update function of PPro 3.1.1 has repeatedly shown: No update available.
Call for the support: 3.2.0 is up to date, I have installed, after three opening and closing of the project are the files are still online. Also new: XDCAM EX support synonymous without MainConcept codec package.

So update, folks!



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