Infoseite // Panasonic 700 series vs. JVC GZ-HM 400

Frage von bafter52:

hello to the forum

I carry with me the idea to buy one of the two above camcorder
now I read again and again that there are problems with the Pana was the editing and playback of files regards 50p
what the PC-side concerns I have not worried
File manipulation to Vegas with 10 successes
I want to play the files on the calculator or to (already existing) hardware Panasonic VIERA TV is Pana-TX-P 50 S10E and Recorder Panasonic DMP - BD 80

can someone tell me whether a play on those devices of raw and processed files as possible or I need something s.teurer Hardware

I thank you ever for any replies in advance


Antwort von Jitter:

If you run the camcorder in 1080i mode, there are no problems. 1080p50 can play your television, but only if you have a suitable playback device (such as the camcorder itself or the WD HD TV Media Player) runs over the card slot of your TV only AVCHD 1080i. The BD 80 can be synonymous with 1080p50 start anything.


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