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Panasonic GS 400 oder Canon XM2?

Panasonic GS 400 or Canon XL2?

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Juli 2006

I am currently faced with the question, buy a "cheap" Henkelcam or alternatively one of the newer 3 CCD camcorder.

XM2 and Panasonic gs 400 yes work both with 3 CCD technology.

However, the Panasonic has 3 X 1007000 and the Canon XM2 only 3 x 400,000 pixels. Because it should really be the Panasonic picture of her better or what do the experts?

I would of course have the best possible picture and delivers the Cam synonymous acceptable shots in low light conditions (for DVD cut)

Now, the XM2 has indeed produced many years ago and the Panasonic is not that long on the market. Has anyone of you once made a Comparison of the photographs come from?

I have with my previous cam is kaputtgegangen me (Panasonic gs 250) mostly filmed in automatic mode, with the picture quality was really pleased. Arise now, before the question of what I buy myself as his successor.
Rein of the dimensions I actually prefer the Canon, as one still has what in his hand.

Ever grateful for your opinions.

Antwort von Jan:

The XM 2 is even higher estimate, not only because of the expensive professional L series lens, the larger sensors or external eg manual audio control of multiple channels (and the s.der Camera and not in the menu as Pana). Well, unfortunately, the XM 2 is determined synonymous ¬ 500 more expensive.

As before, both with 414,720 pixels onto Pal tape write, XM is the estimate 2 is better still, the pixels are bigger / have more space on the synonymous even larger CCD, which typically provides less image noise, the signal processor auser / anti noise filter can skillfully take countermeasures if The GS 400 - which is not known to me, however, the new Panasonic Processor is relatively recent and digicam's in the market for color / luminance noise separately to process, eg in the TZ 1st

The GS 400 is on the forum eh not known as Lowlight light, many believed (synonymous VAD) it is worse in lowlight as the 250th GS The XM 2ist quite well, in my opinion a couple of problems with less light AF / different light sources and the famous "The remote tape" error which I never had, but it is probably synonymous part due to the Sony premium cartridge, Canon & JVC consumer may not be the kind of tape is not especially JVC.

From just looking / touching one notices that even the XM 2, the first / higher category, the best camera is, has something to do with the broadcast. Who are a few hundred more, of course, picks up his SonyVX 2100th


Antwort von mkrawietz:

What I just do not quite understand: The Panasonic claims to have 3 times the 1,007,000 and 400,000 images xm2 only 3 times but the important point is indeed what is "seen come out" result.

In any case, thanks for your detailed statement! I ask myself the question now whether it is not sinnvolller the few hundred euros for the SonyVX 2100 to invest and take xm2 of the gap. What does that mean the rest here?

Antwort von DjDino (Toth Dominik):

SonyVX2100 against Canon XM2:

http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?lp=ru_en&url=http% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww.videomax.ru% 2Ftests% 2Fvx2100-XM2% 2F

Perhaps this helps you Entscheidung.Weiter below you will find many test pictures, synonymous LowLight. In general, the VX2100 is large and thus easy to think bildqualitativ, roars, and is a little bit less sharp images anyway lichtstärker.Anstandslos knakig make beide.Von the Handling and Equipment manufactures unfortunately I have no idea.

Antwort von Jan:

Yes the built-in ND filter of XM 2 synonymous, I had forgotten just like the 20x optical zoom, the VX 2100 has no (12x), XLR adapter for both gibts ja so you open the door to professional sound, at Canon MA 300 is popular.

Yes there is a very old Hi 8 Sony CCD professional cameras Example V 5000 with a large 2 / 3 "sensor, and about 400,000 pixels to get a better picture than a length at current Digi8 with 1 million pixels, and small sensors.

It will stop at standard-definition MiniDV "only" written with 414,720 onto tape, then make the best quality used Lenses, most sensors, Farbsamling better what is good, the signal processor, which is how bright the Optics and how well it goes against eg chromatic Abaration, makes the camera images with high contrast from edge to edge sharpness, etc. ...

Also known as Panasonic friend and I will turn the next small IT projects with an XM 2 and not as before with the GS 500 (under 1000 ¬) - although the money is for her a lot.


Antwort von Jan:


Unfortunately, I know the GS 400 too bad, the current GS 500 but slightly slimmed down quite well. Last week I had a great deal with XM 2 filmed, this was synonymous XLR Adapter MA 300, is not synonymous bad the conversion of the composite signal of the camera in a BNC signal "out" may not know what each entry.

A progressive mode, all 3, the Canon increases the Vertical Resolution by the "frame" the program by a factor of 1.5.

But perhaps more important are the functions, 2 zoom keys, XM 2 - and which can still be adjusted in 3 Geschwindigkeitseinstufen perfect, I think we can Farbverschiebungsbalken - Color Gain, Color Phase (green to red shift) or sharpness (image contours in the menu) change your choice to activate and with one keystroke s.der camera side, in general, you can enable some functions directly s.der Page or customize buttons without going as in GS 400 & 500 in the camera menu.

Level control is directly synonymous s.der Camera and for the R and L and not, as in GS 500 in the camera's menu, but I must say the leaked signal no preference whether the MA is not 300 & floor also XLR microphone input from the microphone jack without attenuation, because totally overdriven, professionals probably take better a mixer in between.

The viewfinder and the 2 supplied eyecup and the 0.44 "viewfinder with 180,000 is synonymous ne other class, there's actually a scan function for the GS 400, the GS 500 gibts because to my knowledge, nothing in the XM one 2kann 50,3-200 frequencies of 170 Hz fine adjustment to find the best frequency for monitors.

The Battery's are synonymous ne better track Canon has a new series for XL & XM rausgebracht series, now calls himself 950G (included XL H 1) / 970 G and, surprisingly is cheaper and lasts longer than the 945 BP (I had 950 BP G).

Good sharpness Ring of XM 2 can be synonymous, as in the GS 400/500 rotate into infinity, but it works in my opinion even a trace accurately. In extreme situations, you can happily adjust synonymous with the XM 2 a 1 / 6 seconds manual, GS 500 at only 1 / 50 sec as the longest shutter (Movie mode) and 1 / 16000 as the fastest time. Also, you can choose any shutter / aperture and gain, GS 500 can, after all, set shutter and aperture / gain in the change.

Then I got time but our favorite newcomers like user views put the camera on tripod and filmed in total darkness, in a park with only a few street lights, with automatic nagut 1 / 50, Aperture 1.6 and 18 DB gain was not really more seen as in GS 500, but big in the TV program nagut 1 / 6 second (running through the picture is useless), but no slow motion or s.Besten
make the picture really handsome and the light without looking, in the auto had no preference whether GS 500 & XM 2 almost all black. The noise remained synonymous within limits, although Primus SonyVX 2100 will be better.

Although I must say that in the GS 500 brings automatic, and once you take the good 700 ¬ cheaper price is already a very good designer somewhat similar picture, but who would like to have a lot of manual options, eg ND filter switch easily without a still need an extra screw in front of his lens, you must simply go to the initial quality of the XM broadcast 2nd

Maybe I'll get ne higher-than Panasonic Pana friend in the hand to be able to better judge XM 2.

Achso the few pixels of the XM 2 are greatly enhanced by the professional pixel shift, so you can net pixel GS 400 & 500 vs XM 2 does not compare like that.


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