Infoseite // Panasonic GS400 and Manfrotto 701RC or prefer other video Eiger?

Frage von fotoralf:

In describing the Manfrotto 701RC there, that this head a fixed compensation for 1.5 n.hat spring. Now the GS400 so much easier. Is this a problem?

Had another head in this price range better suited?



Antwort von ZappaF.:

The 701er is synonymous for more Cams ala FX7 / XH-A1. For your Pana würd ich NEN 700RC2 take. On such a HC1 is my Proppe and feels comfortable. Astrein soft pans guaranteed.


Antwort von hmGast:

... I use the 700RC2 for synonymous my NV-GS500, in conjunction with the Manfrotto 055 Pro Tripod. Really easy and yes, very good offers smooth horizontal and vertical panning


Antwort von fotoralf:

I got it yesterday in my local dealer views. Rejected! Both schlabberig and unsound. If at 701 the attenuation setting so that when released he not play up or down creeps, then the adjustment, especially in the tendency of jerky. Both models come in two levels after releasing slightly back (so-called backlash, as it means in German?). The 700 wobbles during sharp image. Manschrotto halt. I know why I prefer Berlebach. They just do not stop video head.

Apparently there are small heads, which are made of cheap, and great quality, but are complete overkill. Crap.

Tomorrow take a Gitzo 2380 to try in the hope that it at twice the price which is reasonably acceptable.



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