Infoseite // Panasonic HDC SD66 or SonyCX115 for example, concert recordings

Frage von matvads:


I quite like to attend concerts and movies synonymous so much, I would like to buy an HD camcorder. However, I can not decide which would be better for me.

I have already informed thoroughly and it noted that SD66 usually better in various tests cuts and has a better image stabilization. However, should the battery life to be extremely low, so I'm not sure if he was, for example, is sufficient at a concert

If sony is the stabilizer are not so good, but for the CX115 is the best battery performance offer in this price range.

If the battery life really that different? and makes the image stabilizer actually made a big difference?

Also, the sound plays an important role synonymous, but both cams to be glecih about.

I've noticed is that Panasonic with 17 Mbit / s recording and Sony with 24 Mbit / s. Does this make a difference for normal eye?

Thanks in advance


Antwort von Jitter:

As a concert film-maker you will with any of the two camcorder's happy because the sound quality is not sufficient. Necessarily a device I use a microphone port. My knowledge is the cheapest device with mic in the time of the Panasonic SD 707 for just over 700 ¬. To this, an Videomic Rode stereo and you are perfectly equipped. If it absolutely must be 66 or SD CX115, take the unit with the better sound. The stabilizer is the Kinzertfilmen not so important. Since you use a tripod anyway.


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