Infoseite // Panasonic HDC-SD707 HD + Raynox 6600 + 1000 + Glidecam HD software-film look

Frage von fly-italo:

The first time in my life I have now together an equipment as I have always wanted;) My last final test before I wanted something real;) Your honest opinion counts;)


Antwort von pilskopf:

You touch your Cam in the race too much with his left hand, yet sensitive and sometimes make a whole video just like a race, find the cool, if you do not do it, I do. : D But I know that race is the hardest with this little beast.


Antwort von fly-italo:

My biggest problem today it was that I was so dazzled that I sometimes could not see the monitor, have kept on it blindly. This has ensured the one or other unrest. I find little movement synonymous honestly not that bad, looks like not quite so sterile;)


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