Infoseite // Panasonic HDC SX5, video does not run, can not finalize

Frage von aylin1984:

Hello together,

We wanted this year, cost savings and we thought our shooting session itself Carnival

So, I took my camera (Panasonic HDC SX5) lent in the media center. There I was told that I still need Rolling. War is now synonymous in the trade, the seller told me that I still need Finaliesieren, but no preference when. Whether in port or synonymous later.

The shots have worked wonderfully, and now I wanted the Rolling DVD-R or times of Sonyfinalisieren view.

But puff cake fails. Have studied the manual about this. But I am not come denominator.

Stand a little under pressure of time, since I use the camera in 2 days must be back again.

So please respond quickly.

Thank you very much Aylin


Antwort von tommyb:

Yes and what is the exact problem?

Blank in Camera, s.ins menu (where is the manual) and then to finalize. Lasts just a little and voila!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"aylin1984" wrote: ... now I wanted to finalize ... ... ... nothing works ...
There was DVD, which could only be finalized if they have the power adapter with power have been - in the battery mode, it was not possible. Could this be the solution to your problem?


Antwort von Jan:

In the PC or made into a DVD recorder & player or Blue Ray player or in the Camera

- In the camera - just click

- For PC, the UDF 2.5 filesystem on it (for example, of Toshiba) - with Vista computer, it should work the same.

- DVD player and recorder - may not proceed, because a regular DVD player & recorder no MTS AVCHD files can be read

- Blue Ray player ala SonyPS 3 or Panasonic BD 35 - should go - I've even tried - I was finalized I think not (is not long time ago)



Antwort von aylin1984:

Thanks for your great answers.

After many try .... Her back and ... it then at some point but still works ... :-)

As I have now managed to have no idea.

I'm happy it went. Can it be in peace now edit.

A great week, I wish

Lieben Gruß Aylin


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