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Frage von Musti:

I would like to know, as I have the background of the picture, while recording (live cut) filter? So that I instead of the background, a background as themselves, for example, can insert a waterfall. I hope I get helpful answers! Is very urgent!

Thanks for any response ...


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I have not the mixer, so gray theory. Perhaps logs still Megaluzzi (lutz) to Owrt.

The AG-MX70 has a built Chromakey. In the normal case must now be the foreground image to be Programmmschiene and the background image to the other rail. As a transitional effect will not wipe or Aperture, but the Ckromakey and select the right color for Keyen set. (So funzt JVC. it with my mixer and should be similar to the MX70 are synonymous)

As a result you have to get your desired effect. Condition is of course that your foreground represents a keybaren background (colored area) holds.


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