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Mikrophon Panasonic TM700

Panasonic Microphone TM700

Frage von mrdontknow:
August 2010


I have since about two months a new camcorder. The Panasonic HDC TM700. Since I occasionally turn my shorts, but the sound bothers me. You can hear the fan of the camcorder especially in quieter shots very clearly. So I wanted to buy a Microphone.

How is that with such a Microphone? If the s.den accessory shoe of the camcorder attached and connected via a cable s.den Microphone input of your camcorder?
If the sound file then synonymous available individually or replace the camcorder then the normal soundtrack by the soundtrack of the mics?
I work with Magix Video Deluxe 15, if that is helpful ...

And there are still good Microphones, which receive at least stereo, you can recommend to her? Price range is about 200 ¬ ..

I hope for fast help and thank you ever :-)

Antwort von dagger_pca:

hey, exactly, do the Micro s.Schuh either fixed or set it down somewhere and put the jack into the Mic In s.der Camera. The sound is replaced.

Antwort von mrdontknow:

Schonmal thanks .. do you know a good synonymous Micro? And fetch the microphone from the camcorder or the electricity or the like on Battery?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Mrdontknow" wrote:
... Do you know a good synonymous Micro? ...

Just use the search function time of the Forum: On this issue there's already some threads. If in doubt, but you are with a VideoMic, a stereo or a VideoMic NTG-2 (all of Rode) and the Sennheiser MKE400 served not bad - of course, always depending of which, what do you want to shoot. A stereo microphone for example, is not such a good idea when it comes to you to record Language.

"Mrdontknow" wrote:
... To fetch the microphone from the camcorder or the electricity or the like on Battery? ...

The camera does not supply electricity s.das Micro, so make sure to buy one that has its own Battery.

Antwort von mrdontknow:

Also included is s.meisten Language. Which of those would be s.geeignetsten there? Have little here in the forum but looked slightly unüberichtlich ..

Antwort von DocD:

The MKE-400 is very nice and small and takes great accessory shoe on the square. is from a short distance (2, maybe max. 3 meters, if the room not as synonymous and echoes the surrounding area rather quiet) to succeed in top-shots.

The Rode NTG-2 is more of something to hold in your hand (interviews) or sound fishing, because it is very long and extends into the Picture in Wide Anglewahrscheinlich synonymous stupid or is in such a small camera in terms of handling.

A third alternative for Language is the Rode M3 for ¬ 100 (or the similarly specified, a little more expensive AKG C1000S) - it has a less strong directional effect and should therefore be used closer s.Sprecher. Great for interviews (maximum distance from the speakers approximately 1 meter, 50cm better) sounds like the absolute top and NTG-2 is synonymous otherwise a super universal micro, eg for dubbing (Off-Reader), or for sound recordings. The M3 is definitely too heavy (350 g) and synonymous too thick for mounting on the camera. Both have about 9 volt battery supply.

Otherwise, one could clip-synonymous-Micro are used, is the super Hama LM-09 for just 30 ¬. It has several meters of cable and a small battery-powering. Good for interviews, if the person speaking not walk around (or she stumbles over the cable ...).

They are definitely the best low-budget solutions to Language. Everything else (radio link, professional guide tubes) costs at least ¬ 500-600. For stereo recordings (atmospheres, concerts ...), nor would the stereo VideoMic in question. I have used all four mics already. If I should choose only ONE, I would take the MKE-400. This can be used if need be synonymous with hand held or extension cords on ne Angel set, it fits in any pocket video and sounds damn good. For outdoor necessarily the Fur-Windshield (Dead Cat) buy more (about 30 ¬). The wind filter of the camera or the microphone the sound that is made of extremely diluted.

Antwort von mrdontknow:

Thank you .. So I will probably most likely pick up the Sennheiser MKE-400 .. Most of the shots are after all dialogues and these are located outside of a closed space ..
How many channels takes up the Micro? So two stereo or mono?

So, the Micro is ideal for outside or rather dialogue for dialogue in a room?

Antwort von DocD:

The Micro refers to mono, the mono signal, but distributed to two channels. So you have an AVCHD file with stereo sound, which is the same signal on both channels.

You can shoot inside and outside with the Micro. But do not expect that a dialogue in 5 feet away on a troubled road comes across crystal clear. For optimal (= "sendetauglichen") sound must be synonymous indicative micro as close as possible (= 1 to 1.5 meters maximum) s.die bring sound source.

For private use, you can sometimes synonymous filming a play from 6-8 feet away - that is, one understands the text, but of course with every blow his nose and Huster and depending on it more or less room Hall.

To order the thing and you just try it yourself. If the sound you with the MKE-400 on the camera is not good enough, you have to stop with NEN soundman to take three of you angling the sound or you take an extension cord with the rotation and the Micro are somewhere inconspicuous near the dialogue partners.
Or, after you sync ;-)

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