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Panasonic NV-DX 110 o. Canon MVX 10i? Bräuchte

Panasonic NV-DX 110 or Canon MVX 10i? Need "detailed" Hil

Frage von Tuffy:
Mai 2007


I am looking for a "new" camera, since my Canon MVX450 simply not genügd, quality, etc.

Now I come cheap s.eine Canon MVX 10i (about 340 ¬) or a Panasonic NV-DX 110 (approximately 390 ¬), synonymous offer these settings to what I search in vain newer camcorders - something like Tonaussteuerung manual eg.
The instructions for the Panasonic can be found hier, die für die Canon gibt's here. Only if what you want to look or what I've seen - maybe what's brings.

I want Green Screen shots can do this and have learned that for the Best Picture possibility should be.
The two cameras are now not so bad (if I synonymous with the Pana lacks the 16:9), but give a lot in the Picture ...?
But missing from the Pana on the 16:9 - I have given in the instructions of what "cinema mode" read, or is the movie mode is not fully, ie 4:3 with bars?

I want to sound via external Micro (is probably a Beyerdynamic MCE 86 S II CAM) record, so synonymous is the quality of manual Tonaussteuerung not insignificant. The Canon can Steplessly my knowledge, the Panasonic has to think 5 Level Setting. It will be good but that they have a hot shoe adapter. Is this in the Panasonic already usable, or so savings program?

Of course I want the sound synonymous during the recording control, which is now so with the headphone jack.
The Canon is the (operation manual) possible without any problems with the Panasonic, I am very uncertain.
In its instructions is that you are with the headphone jack on the recordings to listen to the tape, but is synonymous to control during the recording?
In addition, the Panasonic for the Kopfhöreransachluss on their Subpack (or something like it called) is hereby directed that I tapped into the tripod screw. Did this Subpack synonymous nor a tripod thread, that I, together with the camera on a tripod Subpack screws can ...?

Thanks, that's just of me =)

Antwort von Tuffy:

Today I had the opportunity in the current digital video assets to read.

I know, I know - you do not so much on test results, but at my age one may still be confused ;-)

In one retro test was the Panasonic NV-DX 1 together with Sony's VX2000 tested - this Panasonic is the predecessor of the NV-DX 100, which in turn up to the DV IN port with the NV-DX 110 is identical.
The old Panasonic (of 1996) has in this Test defeat 57 points eingeheimst the Sonywas s.Anfang the 70th
Now of course I am interested in how this result is comparable with the 110 is admitted, I thought that a picture similar to today's NV-500 DS brings. Or totally beside?
What relevance has this test now (for me)?

Antwort von Zedt:

Hi Tuffy,

So I have 2x the total DX100 had both me sometime abgeraucht the head drum, which is synonymous to the intensive use, as synonymous recorder was due. There's wonder of the thing did not, but decently lit DX100 delivers a very solid picture. A documentary which I have thus rotated, the ORF was sent. And the DX100 was active in the video was extremely many points that was so in 1999 under the Top4 (the XL1, VX1000 and TRV950)
So I was always pretty good about Money ...
schöne Grüße,
KM Max

Antwort von Tuffy:

Hi Zedt,

I am (unfortunately) Amateur, the (still) not much of lighting holds - mainly because time and resources. What's worse than with light conditions and from Lowlight?

What did you do now for a purchased - could be the picture quality compare?
Do you have "visual aids", lying at random, or so ...?

And if I needed to buy the thing, it is synonymous older ...
with "Recorder" do you think that you have with your device to your PC, you captured? Or how can you understand?
If so, there's really any devices that are almost only as a "capture station" act, that is where I insert MiniDV, the thing has DV - Out and DV - In and I capture them then? If yes somehow sense :-)!

Thanks but already time for the answer!
Can you still looking for DockingStatiion (threaded tripod etc) and make the headphone jack?
I'm sorry if I ask so much - but I find the info anywhere else and, unfortunately, have virtually the first grade found me a few answers can ;-)

Thank you!

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Tuffy" wrote:
In one retro test was the Panasonic NV-DX 1 together with Sony's VX2000 tested ... old Panasonic (of 1996) has in this Test defeat 57 points eingeheimst the Sonywas s.Anfang the 70th

Anything else would be synonymous of a miracle, finally, the VX2000 is much younger and Sonykonnte in its construction for several years already on MiniDV experience. The DX1 was a direct competitor of the older VX1000.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Jörg:

I'm in NV DX 110 pages longer than 7 years. Without any
Macke! It has thousands of hours as a capture device behind it, of course, with all the available band locations.
In the time I have a service carried out, the heads of each year once I cleaned. The 110 is the most stable part I ever had. Head drums abrauchen approved? Nöö.
The image must be no Germans behind the current Panas hide, on the contrary! Lowlight is not their area because it is average. The test win 2000 in Digital Video mE.absolut was justified.
The docking station has of course a tripod thread, the review of the sound with headphones is möglich.Mein Sennheiser MKE 300 delivers very good sound with minimum power consumption.
In short, absolute Kauftip.
The original Batteries have now only 70% power, but this is already synonymous rather not the rule. In the near surroundings are still 5 100/110 it, all with similar high reliability.

Antwort von Tuffy:

Thank you for the wealth of information!

For safety, I ask again:
Sure, that during the recording can hear the sound? Because Panasonic (sometimes called) said that was not - in the manual which is so synonymous nothing. A tripod thread and have the docking station is not synonymous ...
And, you say "average" in Lowlight - average in terms of what, I think the piece has good times s.die 4000 DM tasted, you can LowLight quality with any camera compare to what you will find a test? ;-)
Or you could be me if necessary give sample pictures? ONLY when it makes no circumstance!

Thank you!

/ / PS
The recording mode in "movie mode" is synonymous only 16:9 letterbox, anamorphic, or around it?

Antwort von Jörg:

Now, I do not know what function the Panasonicratgeber in real life ... its products, he knows not in any event!
Spare me pictures, believe it. Both threads, as synonymous Mithörmöglichkeit at the Studio!
Average says: there is better in lowlight and worse cams, which are the cams? Fact is, the 110 starts quite early s.zu rushing, not for night shots on the street, not at sunset, not in normal indoor lighting, etc . but
dark areas inside buildings, structures against the dark night sky, because there are better cams halt.
Quite big advantage: the most used control keys are above! on the cam. The display can be kept closed at the post, a very good thermal Umstand.Das eiingebaute Micro transmits low level drive noises can still Störgeräuschprofil in the post to problems in interviews, so external micro!

Antwort von Tuffy:

Thanks for the info!

With such images, I felt more shots, the camera has made ;-)

With this eBay auction in England
/ /
zum Bild
This is a Picture of the Canon MVX 10i in the dark, which makes it better ... Pana?
And how did it again with the cinema mode ...?? =)

Antwort von Valentino:

So I am very sure that I in 2000 at the World Exhibition in Hanover with a DX 100 or 110 had filmed. The Camera I Darmals borrowed of a friend and have very good shots LowLight right. Especially the night shots from the show "Flambè" at the EXPO are very good. Later, I took then time a TRV240 of Sonyzugelegt and was entirely on behavior LowLight disappointed. Only a year ago I bought DX1 is used for recording LowLight almost the best choice. I just look for me on the PC if I have a pair of computer files to find otherwise, I just capture what tomorrow.


Antwort von Tuffy:

Hi Valentino,

I understand this correctly, you have images of the NV-DX 110 or 100?
That would be super if you sent me a few could upload (vll for more than just low-light?) - Imagine the likes synonymous webspace!

Greetings, Lucas

Antwort von Jörg:

here 3 typical lowlights

Antwort von Tuffy:

Wa wa what ....?!!

That is phenomenal! That is super!
Mir is no preference, much as it comes, but no noise, no nothing! That is super ... I get one if necessary paaar offers of professional camera (which many old cameras to ridicule price return), so I will wait - but otherwise is as good as bought! It has helped me really from stool!

The grottige Recording It has helped me from the real plate rim, these recordings of top! : D

Greetings, Lucas

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