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Frage von astauder:

Hello and good day
that this camcorder s.alle have the following question:

I want to do with a camcorder strictly follows --

Dubbing Studio 16:9 anamorphic>> and cut s.PC in this format>> Coding and as a result, a DVD-Video MPEG2 format 16:9 anamorphic!!

Qualitatively I would appeal to the NV-GS 250, if they can.

I ask only to statements of people who have this camcorder and realized the way described above already have (unless that works) and mention if it comes, the synonymous use editing program (version).

Background: When the camcorder is not yet properly in the market and was only announced at Panasonic, I have asked this question s.Panasonic by mail.
Answer: 16:9 anamorphic, he can not do it!
In VIDEOAKTIV Digital Bulletin 4 / 2005 in testing this camcorder you read in Equipment> Video Features> widescreen recording: Cinema / Full = * / *
Does that mean 16:9 anamorphic = yes??
Same question via email s.VIDEOAKTIV 5 weeks!! No answer!
I'm confused!


Antwort von Jan:


which the G 250 A 16 / 9 circuit has improved with Wide Angleund the greater the image detail is really correct. The only question is whether the provider of Canon Sonydie full 16 / 9 to announce the same Medothe really use to get to the 16 / 9 Effect to. 16 / 9 CCD chips' s are indeed in None GS 250, HC 39 or MVX 350 I installed. As with a recent Digicam Panasonic LX 1, give a little report:

Even more spectacular is the second Panasonic novelty. The Lumix DMC-LX1 is unique in its genre, she is the first digital camera with image sensor in 16:9 format. The 1 / 1, 65 - CCD - as the CCDs in most other Lumix cameras synonymous - a proprietary development of Panasonic, and it exists in this form anywhere else. The 16:9 format is much wider than the usual 4 : 3 - or 3:2 format, and is known to most people of modern television sets forth known, where people look at movies in full accordance presented widescreen format can. Now is therefore the Movies experience synonymous to the world Stillimage spill. In Contrary to APS-H format is the Panasonic solution to a real 16:9 format. The image edges are not simply cut off the top and bottom to create a pseudo-panoramic picture, but the image sensor is actually much wider than high

It can, of course, synonymous with the associated program because I am not a professional, here in the forum but there are some.



Antwort von GhostDog:

Hi Jan - Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately I can not be discerned from this answer, whether you're actually the owner of a NV-GS 250th For posts in other "treats" I believe you after your statement there, to be classified as owner.
Too bad that you can say about the treatment process with the program editing anything. It would also interest me very much.
The following was VIDEOAKTIV Regarding Angledargestellt Wide:
4:3 = 41 mm
16:9 = 43 mm
This is not a huge increase, but suggests that a larger chip area is used? The 800 000 pixels on the chip can be synonymous cutting the picture in 16:9 at the top and bottom.
(720x575 = 414 720 pixels, there's plenty of room left, but still synonymous for the Image Stabilization?)
Everything is a question of implementation on the quality of the final "video." How good is the NV-GS 250 in this discipline?

To do this one once clear. I have currently, the Panasonic NV-GS 70EG and this camcorder has a significant quality in 4:3 and if I change to a new set, it must be synonymous to bring the thing, otherwise I am saving the money for HDV in the future.
Since I have an LCD TV (1280x720 p) in 16:9 and me, the quality of growth in 16:9 anamorphic (Sat-Empfang/Mpeg2 jump) of the public broadcaster has really impressed, I want to do, of course, synonymous with a camcorder .

So long ....


Antwort von Jan:


'm sellers, not an owner of GS 250th For me it is definitely the best cam in the price range. 've Written many times about you in my old reports. GS 250 has the business and thus synonymous filmed. Had recently ne Canon XM 2, at the moment no specific camera, but I can easily what sensible lending. That the 16 / 9 of the GS 250 is not too good, do you have indeed been detected. Many other models have a much more significant leap of 4:3 to 16:9 eg 40 ° to 58 °.
Specific PC or benefit cut, I am not is not my great strength, Digicam, Videocam's and more basic knowledge. For stability, the GS 250 has indeed opt. Goes away what little stability there, (almost gross = net If our salaries would be! Dreaming ..)



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