Infoseite // Panasonic NV GS 320 - Against HD models!

Frage von rotehermi:


I'm filming with the Panasonic NV GS 320 and had been satisfied, now working s.einem trickfilm and the camera is bordering on s.ihre lowlight!
therefore looking for a camera that outperforms the GS 320 in the area!

My question!

Current HD models up to 1000, has behaved the lowlight
these cams generally improved compared to a model like mine
gs 320?? would be worth about the umstieg lowlight recordings?

circle of acquaintances had unfortunately not with such a cam, then you can ichs
even s.meinem trickfilm test set!


Antwort von rotehermi:

None White nen rat?


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Man you still sitting here s.der source and ask around ...

You can do it, the camcorder comparison list here Slashcam pass in haste and had an objective advice!


Antwort von domain:

You're so right, Bruno,
there are things that are as alteingessener Internet users barely able to comprehend yet.
Hardly will ask someone who wants to build a prefabricated house, can you tell me which company should I take, I'm an absolute amateur.
Could it be a Griffen House, Baumax, Wimberger, Wigo, Lixia, ELK, Hanlo or whatever, I'm so insecure and, unfortunately, a little Trotterl in the sector ....:-))


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