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Panasonic SD707 1080/50p-Clips mit iMovie bearbeiten -> Ausgabe 1080/50p

Panasonic SD707 1080/50p-Clips edit with iMovie -> output 1080/50p

Frage von MarioX:
November 2010

Sooo, my Panasonic SD707 camcorder has arrived. As is always bitching, you could edit the 1080/50p movies and not spend, I once asked my Workfow in here with iMovie 09th It works, but it requires a lot of patience. I would be interested to know whether this workflow, in particular proper 50p output, synonymous with iMovie works 11th Perhaps someone can test and tell his experience here.

ClipGrab.app program in the program folder and install once again start and close (; left on the Calculator).

Program or script to install Rewrap2M4V.app.

MTS files of the SD Card camcorder from the folder STREAMS transferred to the hard drive.

1080p/50 AVCHD clips (; mts) on the pull Rewarp2M4V = clips in a few seconds into an m4v container packed and stored as a copy in the same folder. Thus, the clips of iMovie (; version 8.0.6) are recognized and loaded.

import clip in iMovie and add more clips (; File -> Import -> films).

Film Editing with iMovie (; runs almost smoothly on iMac Core2Duo 24 ")), but are synonymous only 25 frames per second shown in the program window.

Film output (which export as Quicktime) H264 Compression, 50 fps, bitrate 24.000, 1920 x1080 (; H264 sooooo good but laaaangsam).

Film is available in full resolution and with 50 frames per second (; no duplicate individual frames, as is often claimed!) And can be played perfectly, for example, on the WD TV life. The quality suffers in spite of identical bit rate as source material (; 24000-28000) a little, but is completely satisfactory.

My iMac is for the presentation of 50 frames but may be slightly lame. The program Movist, the frame rate in the presentation so download something, it runs fairly smoothly.

Antwort von moke:

Haha, I got myself lately with the same subject concerns and have come to a very similar solution.
Made this then synonymous here
Greeting moke

Antwort von MarioX:

Thank you for your contribution. I came across in an American forum on this "trick", but there it was synonymous of View, edited iMovie could only spend 25 frames from the material. Until the software producers (and, in particular Apple) support of 1080/50p finally beginning to the end, will probably take some time! ;-)

Antwort von moke:

"MarioX" wrote:
... Until the software producers (and, in particular Apple) support of 1080/50p finally beginning to the end, will probably take some time! ;-)

This way not so common to 50p (or, at least in Final Cut, about iMovie I do not now), but the fact that the 50p of the little Panasonic is not standard (; will be AVCHD, but it is not, because just 50p ...).
In Final Cut I can select all common frame rates, 50p synonymous. But it recognizes. Mts files of Pana is not synonymous then ...

In my opinion, is the problem not with Apple, but with Panasonic, or a lack of a standard on consumer cams.

Greeting moke

Antwort von moke:

"MarioX" wrote:
... I came across in an American forum on this "trick", but there it was synonymous of View, edited iMovie could only spend 25 frames from the material. ...

Oh, and not that we talk past each other, I use the Final Cut Suite (and the loose deal with 50p). You need synonymous for my trick.

Whether iMovie can deal with 50p, I do not know.

Antwort von MarioX:

Incidentally, I've now risen iMovie 11th The 1080/50p-Workflow work synonymous with this program! There are some features that are very useful, especially the sound editing is now much more comfortable!

Antwort von NikonUser:

So it is quite certain that iMovie 11 can edit and output 1080p/50fps? synonymous an output on Blu-ray Is it possible?

Antwort von MarioX:

Yes sure, if you start with the issue in h264 synonymous 50 pictures. The data rate set to 25000 because of the quality (there's still a bit of detail loss). iMovie shows, however, on to the imported material only 25 pictures, if you start with PAL in the preferences. Here it should be synonymous but a trick to get around that. Is not as important as in the output so again 50 pictures are there. Take just a small test film of a moving car, etc. in 50p, paste it into iMovie and then output along these lines again, then open out the result with Quicktime. Use the left cursor key you can then look at Picture Picture for you and convince them that the movie clip jumps to 50 images at 1 sec.


PS: The BlueRay specification does not 1080/50p before, you can of course synonymous only store 25 images at the output and then burn a toast with BlueRay. ;-) If you can be a WD synonymous TV Live now for 100 ¬, connect there a hard drive, USB stick, etc. and look at yours. Mov files via an HDMI cable in the best quality s.HDTV device. The part can be synonymous take anywhere because it is compact. I think that one does not need a BlueRay or DVD more than a backup medium.

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