Infoseite // People Videodateil airbrushed out (Premiere CS5)

Frage von sebel73:


I have a question:

I'm working s.einem video with a person something to be retouched. There are sequences in this video where the person is represented as a black silhouette, and I want to use the hips slightly s.den body ... so how to do it for photos in PS with the Liquify filter.
S.besten as I do that?
Should I export the sequence as single images and then edit each image in PS?
Is that possible? If so, how is the workflow?


Antwort von dustdancer:

all depends on your footage. if the image is fixed, it is often made synonymous simply enriches once the desired change and then down over. otherwise frame by frame.


Antwort von glider_pilot:

Have you synonymous After Effects? Upon occasion, look like your pictures, track the material and you can then apply the liquify filter.

This tutorial explains very carefully how that works. I think that can be transferred to your work.


Antwort von sebel73:

the image is moving!


Antwort von Jörg:

Even the tool rotobrush viewed?


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