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Photojournalism on the way towards ... video of rob - 7 Dec 2008 13:14:00
Wherever you look synonymous - the professional profile of the classic photojournalists looks bleak. Instead of contracts awarded to s.individuelle photographers, magazines use increasingly from image archives of agencies, which in turn is only a very selected frames of photographers purchase of travel or long reportage orders not to speak. To make the shift of newspaper content added to Web, where more and more moving and less on the classic photo reportage (falling prices) is required. Accordingly, we saw in the recent past photographers with a jumble s.Ausrüstung move through the world, where both the Still Image Camera as synonymous to the video camera equipment belonged. This seems to be currently in the meaning of the photographer by the new video-capable DSLR to change ... How easy or difficult the transition from standing to moving concept designs, will tell. Maybe rich but synonymous 9 FPS and a soundtrack of classical motifs for photo reportage from? The linked example of photographer Michael Robinson Chavez for the LA Times demonstrates impressively that sound and images sometimes less can be more synonymous ...

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Antwort von rainermann:

Very, very nice. Synonymous Shows good: less is often more!


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