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Frage von Debonnaire:

Recently my running Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended and choppy hakelig. The Windows Task Manager shows in the tab "System Performance", that left my Core2Duo processor system (1.86 GHz) under full load running, the right but not much to do. And not only during complex filter applications to a level, but almost idling of Photoshop when I get a fairly large file of several layers have opened.

The PC has 2 GB of RAM and an additional paging file of just over 3 GB. Photoshop has even swap space on the two local C: - and D: drives. Photoshop is also allowed to use the GPU, if he can. An explicit graphics card I have in my PC is not in it, but only the graphics power of the motherboard.

Until a week ago, I had these problems with Photoshop and not yet I can not remember anything unusual done / installed to have been.

I did the whole uninstall Photoshop and reinstall the whole PC with CCleaner of garbage cleaned, checked for viruses and with Spybot Search & Destroy durchgeblasen. Photoshop this all seems to be no preference! Miscellaneous applications (eg Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and so all the classic stuff) continued to run normally.

Photoshop CS2, which I still synonymous parallel installed, incidentally, runs synonymous continue normally. Only CS3 Extended will no longer be so right, now!

Has anyone a hint what I can do so in Photoshop CS3 again and he flutscht vorallem (again) auslastet both processors, so according to what he should do in principle, Adobe?

Thanks for your hints and help!


Antwort von Jörg:

for safety:
Do you have the affiliation of the CPUs in the processes controlled? Review is synonymous in the Task Manager after the priority and they do it if necessary.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Did the CPU-controlled mapping and everything looks normal. Have synonymous times the process priority to "High", but without success.

Here are annotated screenshot of the Windows task manager, tab "Performance": The first full-peak of the processor was left during the opening of a large 150 MB PSD file. The second peak shows Photoshop at idle, then. Without any surgery, just with the open file. The right dümpelt Processor idling away. Grrrrr ...

Seeehr would still be grateful for any hints and help!


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