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Synchro Bild+Ton auf erfolgreich gebrannter DVD stimmt nicht überein

Picture + Sound synchro to successfully burned DVD does not match

Frage von jelly-bee:
Oktober 2005

had some issues in the forums already thinned out and think it's great that one here with advice and confessed to the deed is Page, synonymous when many questions repeatedly, but always a little different.

My problem is this. So far I have a TV card with the best quality was added to the PC and then burned these movies with Nero 6 on DVD.

Recently, I have an external hard drive, the My Space added. As I once again have time to burn, I want to get my hard drive a little emptier. But this is not the way I had imagined. I still burn with Nero - but more recently getting the message that my project will only fit on a DVD 9, but I would not have a corresponding DVD Recorder (previously the Project always normal to DVD) fit. Until then, sound and picture were on the PC with Nero, and always absolutely synchronously. If I adjust the Council of Nero and follow the project of the DVD, it is synonymous burned, but the sound after burning completely agrees not with the Picture - looks real stupid. Have now been s.verzweifeln what could be the reason.
When I try to adapt to deal (with the ulterior motive of Nero gives me s.das Project distributed across 2 DVDs), Nero burns me only one image to the hard drive. I think that it has something to do with the quality of reduction, but what is the reason that it worked before that and now no more.
There is even the possibility of Nero with a project spread over 2 DVDs - just as in some KaufDVD, then go show DVD?

Antwort von Stefan:

Have you been to the Nero support tormented, because that indeed is probably unique s.dem program ...

Did you have anything earlier than on a DVD-5 may fit an older version of Nero?

And you have what s.Audioformat when the TV recording changed? There may be problems if gearbetet in audio format with VBR (variable bit rate) instead of CBR (constant bitrate).

Can you specify in Nero does not mean that you want to create a video DVD to DVD-5 media, before you pasting the video files?

If the video files are too large, then it must be done in one Reencode Nero. When Reencode machine in Nero basically crap builds, you can resort to other Programs. Make a disk image of the DVD and take care of yourself nichtum the Size. Then Schrink too great DVD to DVD-5 size. The new, smaller disk image then burn you.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von jelly-bee:

erstmal thanks for the quick response.
Well, in that moment when I had read it, much synonymous to me again. I had recently downloaded a new update of Nero, which could be the cause of the whole mess. Since I will probably have the support and time to torment me synonymous, for the support of Nero always takes quite a long time.

On the audio format and video format, I had blocked out everything but that I've entered my external hard drive as a new target path.

I can enter with Nero unfortunately not very much.
With reencode the shrinker and I have had so far done nothing, therefore, is synonymous to go no idea how.

Nevertheless, I will go and put the Nero support on the fur. If I get a usable info I sign up again.

VG-bee jelly

Antwort von Markus:


You may have an image with which you can reset within three minutes of the calculator back to its pre-installing the updates?

Related Topic:

Antwort von jelly-bee:

no, I do not have an image. Perhaps only one restore point is look in the Control Panel, and sometimes synonymous with Windows, I find very questionable.
Currently I am waiting for a response from NeroSupport, because if it should be really s.der software, so it must be synonymous have a solution (I hope).

VG-bee jelly

Antwort von Markus:

System Restore on Windows replaces definitely not an image. This indeed is synonymous clear from the linked thread.

Then that I can only wish you luck!

Antwort von jelly-bee:

Hi Mark,
Many thanks for the fingers crossed. Regardless, I want to be sure whether I understood you correctly. If you tell me with one or two words explain - or I can point to a link, how to create an image with which I can reset the updates ...?
I just want to make sure 100% if there is not yet exploit opportunities ;-)

Regards jelly-bee

PS The Nero support has not reported yet (only a confirmation e-mail)

Antwort von Markus:

An image is created with an image software. Possible Programs You will find in this posting.

Since I have images of all of my computers, I can install any tools and Programs and features without having to fear that in a year everything should be formatted and re-drafted. ;-)

Antwort von jelly-bee:

Now after I have received a message of Nero that fits my project back on a normal DVD + Sound and Picture are synchronously. Why not so!?
Using a Clean Tools of Nero I mßte my entire uninstall Nero software with the help of my serial number and re-download the updates. The serial number I needed to turn off the demo mode.
Therefore we now spend half a day before the Calculator and more meaningful could do at this time.

Well, at least initially, the problem is resolved, probably ;-) only until the next update, dare not even see, again with Nero download updates. Each time then there's problems with the use of the software. 'm Currently thinking of whether 's synonymous doing any other software. Nero is quite comfortable in terms of handling.

As for the image that falls due to financial shortage erstmal flat. Unfortunately ....

So, again thank you s.alle having me with good advice and helpful hints grabbed by the arms.
I hope that I can do this one day, synonymous with others.
You were supernett ..... Because only a tausenddickes remains for me thank you!

Antwort von Markus:

Hello "jam-bee"

Contributions to the thinning of unanswered, I have seen the original question that you have posted the same 3x! What experience have you done this? - It was only a matter discussed, the others remained unanswered (... I've deleted)!

See synonymous:

Antwort von wrunge:

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the info. Of course, I did not three times the same answer to three times the same question have. Is stupid and sounds like a waste of time.
No, seriously. It was because I was able to login after writing the question and not my problem. It was only after three attempts my LogIn - data were accepted. I think the error that has occurred has to do with anything.
But it's still nice to know that observant people like you keep an eye on the forum that gives me security and confidence synonymous with emerging problems your forum to use it again. Hopefully, never again to run three times ;-)

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