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Frage von kalu:

I have the S10 and HF above water where you can configure multiple photo formats and sizes.

The major ones are:

L with 3264x2456 and
LW with 3264x 1840 which is in 16:9.

What should you take?

I think 16:9 is interesting only for shooting, right?


Antwort von KrischanDO:


ma in photography has indeed often the pleasure of being able to determine the final format. If the customer does not say: It must be so and as large.
Since your camera 16:9 the only one trimming of 3264x2456 - format is, take 3264x2456. What you can cut behind still.

If it is technically, you should take the liberty to adjust its format to the image instead of keeping s.eher caused by technical side conditions.



Antwort von Eastside:

I would with the normal Resolutionfotografieren, since it has more pixels there for Choice, Can you adjust the picture later.


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