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Sync Bild und Ton / subclip aus subsequenzes

Picture and Sound Sync / subclip from subsequence

Frage von Cologne78:
April 2010

Hi everybody.

I do need your help for an Assi job.

I want to synchronize video and sound clips and create it. But so far I have found no perfect solution. Either it is missing a link, a sync or there is a subsequence and a clip.

Picture and Sound s.der flap mark is not a problem. This I sync then by working the marker points lay over each other or with in-and out. I can change the clip to the desired length and a synonymous subclip create, but it is always a subsequence and no clip.

and I can not get a clip from a sequence to create, without that I export it. I want him to export does not, because then the information of the master file for the clips will be lost.

someone has a brilliant creative and can help me? I have googled and tried many things, but unfortunately I can not get through it.

gruß cologne78

Antwort von Axel:

trim, synchronize with bb, combine apple + l (),> Modify> Standalone clip. Choice back in the browser (have i + o-points of the shaver in Hauptclip of video), Subclip command + u (is trimmed and can be nominated to confirm). Subclip has new audio and opens with timecode of the master clip's like you wanted. Important: Only continue in the same project so that, not even in parallel open projects. For this and continue working on other's machines for help and then just export as a standalone video, shit on the original TC.
Schonmal "Plural eyes tried"? (I not only read of)

Antwort von Cologne78:

many thanks.

everything works great, except for the link. if I move the audio track, the video track is available. I would, however, that the two are linked. Apple + l does not help unfortunately.

plural eyes sounds very good, but unfortunately too expensive.


Antwort von Axel:

"Cologne78" wrote:
everything works great, except for the link. if I move the audio track, the video track is available. I would, however, that the two are linked. Apple + l does not help unfortunately.

Must be a small error in the procedure. So again slowly: Video and audio are stacked, left and right protruding flesh with a razor cut, but not deleted. By pressing # you choose to both (the video track is highlighted in brown, the purple audio). Then you hit # l (lowercase "L"), pack the Choice and draw them into the browser (this would be a bin with names such as "synchronized" Create to which you pull the clip, because the browsers are now at least two clips same name, only with different audio!). You open that clip in the viewer, so you can press # u: A Subclip same name as the master clip is created, the name is highlighted to rename auto rename, you should immediately synonymous to confirm it. The Subclip is the material between the two razor cuts.
The contents of the Timeline you can now choose fully with tt and delete and start with the next clip. In the end, you choose all the clips in the "bin synchronous" and delete it. Then you pull all subclips (easy to recognize s.ihren Klorolle perforations) in this bin and safest.

Alternative method, without timeline Gemurkse, but with relatively large protruding material:

" Upload video into the viewer, set where else would you select (door closes), an in-point.
" Loading audio in the Viewer, set in place-marker.
" Select the browser Audio and Video together from.
" mixed together right> Clips ... > Synchronize the basis of ... > In-point> OK

The browser creates a new clip of the same name and the words mixed together ". The clip contains a synonymous any existing original soundtrack, which you can later delete.

Again, such constructs are never a problem as long as a Project has a calculator on. If you like sequences next nested or - "Save as" alternative versions - all projects, and synonymous, if one clip (Motion) or sequences (Soundtrack, Color) out-and hersendet, in short, if the Project a more complex little, recommends export it to himself, all synchronized together as separate clips videos.

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