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Picture shake

Frage von blabla33:
Oktober 2008

Is there a tutorial on how to so shaky camera settings (later), as in "Saving Private Ryan" how. The Picture is not bucking, but wiggle. So the opposite of a stabilizer to reach.
The function of After Effects Wiggle I do not choppy enough. It is really jerky shaky ... Or did someone suitable parameters for this?

Antwort von SebiG:

Wiggle is exactly what you are looking for but apparently you do not know exactly how it is used or controlled.

Everything should wiggle can you do with it. Is synonymous tutorials for just little bit of looking. A few sliders to build and you have full control over everything.

Not always the same for every little thing after plugins scream in AE you can actually do anything if you know how. White man does not need it to find out.

If you like jerky times the camera can slide down like you can wiggle synonymous addition to some manual keyframes set, then you will have the exact synonymous control when and where the camera blurred but as a basic scaffold wiggle.

Antwort von blabla33:

Danke schön. Could you maybe me a sample configuration, which could make about what I'm looking for?
Beginner Since I am, I find it easier if I have a base, with which I can play a little. The principle of Wiggle is clear to me but I can not really apply.

Perhaps so in some, as in this video is very s.Schluss:
(So s.Minute 2:50)

Antwort von SebiG:

I clip my views now. This is due to any instance is a case for wiggle. However, something needs fine tuning and so we must work for something of course familiar with After Effects, otherwise you would need for something not experienced people.

If I find time to do so today, I can look at times whether I was with little effort can tinker. There are quite synonymous plugins for something but they are often much more complex because blurring. So wiggle is ever true.

Achso not forget wiggle is only a quasi-random number generator and can be applied to any conceivable value and Effect applied.

Antwort von blabla33:

Oh, that would be really great. Thank you!
As I said, I'm learning s.Besten if I just have a base and so can play around a bit, until the fine is so, as I watched the performances.
I've synonymous with the Wiggle rumgespielt times, but I'm not even in the proximity of the things in the video just as it is.
Well, as I said, would be very nice if you could tinker with something.

Thanks ever!

Antwort von SebiG:

So now I had some time and desire and you've created something. In your example, the clip was the Picture in all possible areas of "blurred", ie horizontally, vertically, it has been zoomed, etc.

I now have a Verwackelungs effect on the horizontal level. The whole picture is simply a reason to, so no video. Throughout the scene, no keyframes, so everything runs on randomly generated values. If you read the effect but must be precisely controlled in order to beat him zBsden orientation of Music course, you need to set a few keyframes.

So the whole is now in a few moments emerged, so expect nothing great but I think it shows quite well how to work with wiggle.

Here, once a clip from the result (please right click "save target as")

Sample Clip

And then the Project itself, and even you wanted to what the trial & error and "discover":

Project files

Antwort von blabla33:

wow super. Thank you so much. I will now employ so ...

Antwort von blabla33:

Oh, I see just that with the AE you've done 8. I have AE 7th Is there a possibility that I am the Project-File synonymous can open?

Antwort von SebiG:

"blabla33" wrote:
Oh, I see just that with the AE you've done 8. I have AE 7th Is there a possibility that I am the Project-File synonymous can open?

So now I knew not what s.dem what I've made in your version should not be, there would have to actually go.

What I maybe should mention. I changed quite a lot of presets and some others are English and German, which means I switch quite often between the German and English interface.

So just trying AE in English to open. In the installation folder, you have to link to all sorts of languages.

Antwort von Tuffy:

You can not AFX CS3 files in 7 Open - that I had already experienced synonymous.
The wiggler is essentially simple, you just need to know what the parameters will, for the wiggler itself has good Andrew was ready: click
A little elegant, I find the whole thing with expressions, which he explains

Antwort von SebiG:

Oh that I knew not that the versions are so incompatible. Ok this is obviously annoying.

BTW: I am working on exclusively synonymous expressions, with a few sliders can be fitted every Effect manage and monitor perfectly. But the little wiggle tool in AE is nothing else than the expression only with user interface, therefore, of the plays no role. If you do not know how to deal with expressions must have one as synonymous dare not turn.

Expressions you need later, however, but since the thread creator seems still very inexperienced in AE is, you do not like the field of rear roll.

The reference to the Basic Tutorials Videocopilot of each instance is a good tip. Because although I've never reingeschaut but wrong to do on the page eh nothing.

Even a small notice or warning (as you want). On the net there are a lot of tutorials that really show impressive effects, especially for Beginners Videocopilot but you should still do not necessarily dransetzen. You will determine all the while imitating able to control s.denen you turn you will be so obviously synonymous know but it does not include any effect times to build it, you have the features of AE simply know to develop solutions to problems to find .

I can not say how many times I've been given tips on how to create a certain effect to build, without himself ever before to build it. Therefore my advice, learn the tools and learn to use them. That is to say, you überleg projects s.denen you can grow.

Say you not, I have seen this effect at times Videocopilot seen and now wants to make a video. Think what you own, like with your bad Effect. So actually this is the best approach. And of course, not be frustrated if their effects are so folded as you want irgentwie but not quite as good as we would wish. Something technically AE umzusetzten is not the art, with a little practice can do all the real work is in the details. For something really perfect act to s.Dinge you think that an audience does not even (maximum exercise). That is the real art.

Antwort von Tuffy:

Hey Sebi,

I see the same.
Tute should primarily teach techniques that you know afterwards, such as the expression in this case, you really can use anywhere (and I think much more pleasant than the wiggler). One must just know that it exists :-)

Otherwise, it is clear: first to understand then. This costs time and is exhausting, so many quick to listen, or do not come through the tutorial level out.
The Basic course is pretty good, and primarily in vain. Have him was made by and learned a lot, although I have a little "advanced" was. The Recommendation of the day, if you like ;-)


Antwort von blabla33:

Thank you s.alle. I'm quite far. A little question but I still:
How do I wiggle in an area in which random values will be used?
I use to wiggle as the opacity. This should not of 0-100 vary, but between 0 and 20

Antwort von Tuffy:

This is not a Wiggle;
A Wiggle (for expression), a strain value such as 50% (that is what the clip is set). If you are now around 20 wiggelst, he blurred between 30 and 70%.
What you are looking for is (for expression) of the Random command - in fact should

[code: 1: ffc0e03042] random (0.20) [/ code: 1: ffc0e03042]

bring it all.

Antwort von blabla33:

But at random, I can not specify frequency, with the value to be changed. I would not regularly have. It is already wiggle is not bad, huh?

Antwort von Tuffy:

Random is random, "of course, not regularly. Random is just different for each frame.

But then you but we have a Wiggle from:

Fluctuate between 0 and 20 - the distance is 20, half of them 10th From 10 to 0, it is 10, and of 10 to 20 synonymous.
So the layer to 10, the Wiggle synonymous to 10 - for begerhter frequency. It is only of 0 to 20 - ;-)


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


I've read, you would like a file with AE7 Wiggle. Look at times, our two new tutorials s.and lad you download the project files. Since there is Wiggle. Maybe it helps Dir
http://hd-trainings.de the tutorials are 7 and 8

Many greetings


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