Infoseite // Pinnacle 10 Professional Wanted!

Frage von Ottle:

I'm trying for weeks s.meine projects commercially Pinnacle 10, which I always had work. Unfortunately, I can no longer open, I think the program is looking for help files under a false path (I have the files on an ext. Harddrive outsourced) The birth of my child, the wedding of my sister, my house is all gone. But somehow it does not halt. I use the search function of Windows, then yes, I still find pieces of my films, but not everything findbar for Pinnacle. So I am looking urgently a Pinnacle professional who is prepared to help me. My favorite would be me if I'm personally in someone's past can occur. Distance does not matter! I'm totally desperate and my family is stinksauer. I have my calculator necessarily new setup, but I simply can not predict my videos secure!


Antwort von Ranah:

Since I have been with external hard drive work, I have exactly this problem (among others). Time the films are found, then not, when they were found, it can not be opened, etc. It looks like it actually with the location of the auxiliary files to be done? An aid, I am not, however, only insofar as you certainly can be, not just desperate to be .... If you were helped, so you can communicate times. The solution I would be very interested ...


Antwort von Udo Schröer:

1. First you should clarify where your original video files. These are what the capture in a separate directory. This is a file of several GB in size and should usually a DV AVI video file contains. This you should synonymous with the Windows Media Player can play. These are indeed of Pinnacle not changed.

2. Project file. This includes your steps during processing. If you open the studio, load the Projekdatei in the background is where your (under 1) and videos are all the work carried out (gates etc.). If you have while editing your video files have moved, you have this back on the correct hard drive with the correct drive letters so that you push to further work.


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