Infoseite // Pinnacle 10 and Renndern without end

Frage von tora:

Hi Folks,
had some problems with Pinnacle 10 Pros.
Until Renndern everything is fine, but when I go to then create the movie I get the Renndere effects, transitions and titles and all the night. A friend of Pinnacle 9 and said that it takes a while, but not so long. Synonymous had once voted for a very short film sequence but had the same result.
I would love it if someone could help next.
Greeting Torah


Antwort von CamPhillip:

Hello Torah

This problem seems to be quite normal, especially since it happened to me, synonymous.
I think that this is not next bad, since you can only render if you want to have his final movie on DVD and can even synonymous to go overnight.

This problem, of which thou hast spoken, was so extreme in my Sudio 9 Pros, but not synonymous, it has lasted all night. Have you actually run the program over night, or you're just left after rendering. Because, according to the "Rendering Effects" is to me very quickly, 1 hour, or a little more of, well then.

Perhaps someone else has a better idea




Antwort von tora:

Hello CamPhillip,
no, I'm trying everything synonymous mal ne hour before sitting geblieben.Das problem so I'm synonymous with, for example, only one effect, and two very short sequences of 20 seconds each, and again no results.
Greeting Torah


Antwort von CamPhilip:

Perhaps you have enough memory?

I had to grow 1GB synonymous, because the rendering has taken too long and it is synonymous crashed?



PS. Dunno obs anxious, "said aba my father that it was so. I am not a professional in at doing this, because I believe you can only help some that are synonymous idea of sowas


Antwort von tora:

Believe I did not synonymous 1GB of RAM, but is a possibility.

Greeting Torah


Antwort von dope35:

On my laptop, with Core 2 Duo and 2 GB Ram's happening across the Pinnacle Studio 10 (out of 10.0 to 10.7) Pros synonymous anything, the "render" apparently, but even after 32 hours are done NOTHING!


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

The problem I had been synonymous in various projects, but the last - 55 minutes net - went through that.
In my case the error occurred repoduzierbar forever s.derselben body, for example, after 11 1 / 2 minutes. During the first phase (Render transitions, titles) is not. This part should be completed and so is synonymous with very complex projects with numerous transitions within a maximum of 2 hours with a rather weak PC.
Remedy: after this point, the following transitional and / or the scene to remove. Angrily, of course, if you do not like the lack ... only to obliterate the scene, usually brings nothing. One can durchrendern trial basis and build on success, the scene again, worked for me once synonymous.
Otherwise, I've come to make the first run ever with rendering a WMV file "PAL, low quality". If the passes are synonymous work the other modes.
The support it push on dropped frames, since I'm paying attention, like a lynx (had never been synonymous with the FX1 which - only new tapes). Once displayed after capturing any Dropper frames, does it render probably not.
But as I said, with minimal quality to try it.


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