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Frage von Muri Film Pictures:


I must be an instruction video, with titles in different languages. First I thought that the Pinnacle file then just copy and rename, so I have a project with french titles, one with German, one with English and Turkish songs with a can do. As this has not worked, because when I use the copy of the Urprojektes always wanted to open the error message "The Project, which you try to open, comes from an older version of Pinnacle Studio." Comb when I called Pinnacle to Swiss.
The type of support (if you sowas überhaupt Support can call)
advised me after long brooding, the Project under different names to save. I did that, but when I open one of these projects will come this error message: "The Project linked with the" English Movie Adaptation Apnex folder is not available, the Project could not be opened. "

Who can help me?

Thanks already times in advance for your answers.



Antwort von Meggs:

Open the "Urprojekt". Now, if error messages about non-existing folder, then you need the original folder structure restored. Then you save the Urprojekt under a new name. This new project should be opened.

I would place the s.deiner approach rethink. At Pinnacle, I can not say much to you, I work in DVD authoring with Encore DVD - but it goes to video DVD 's or?
With Encore is the creation of multilingual selectable audio tracks and subtitle tracks no problem.


Antwort von Muri Film Pictures:

Hello Meggen

First thank you for your answer.
Be it a try. - Yes, it is about video DVD 's.



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