Infoseite // Pinnacle DV500 / Win XP SP2 / AMD 64 X2 4200 + / N6600GT = crash

Frage von mcm57:


Maybe someone here knows the Council - or can tell me that a similar combination somewhere running / not running synonymous.

I have for years a DV500 under W2000 SP4 easily operated. Unfortunately, my old PC to go to the happy hunting grounds HW ...

I am trying (unsuccessfully) my DV500 in a newer PC to get going.

- AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 +
- MSI K8N Neo 4 board
- 2GB DDR 400
- ASUS Extreme N6600GT 256MB DDR3 PCIe Graphics
- 300GB SATA II hard drive (and others)

- Windows XP Pro SP2
- Pinnacle 4.5 (a)
- Adobe Premiere 6:01

Install without error
Device Manager everything is OK (no call sign, the correct identification cards, etc)

When trying to capture analog video from Adobe out to the PC freezes or crashes immediately. Partial comes a blue screen (machine check), tw. he only new boats ...

Card already tried all PCI slots (PCI, the DV500 plays Umsteckspiel :-))

Interrupt sharing is not according to Device Manager before (at least 3 of the exception of 4 PCI slots), the two devices DV500 and the DV500 Firewire port (but dfas) mW normal

Other tests:

I've tried with the Pinnacle DV capture tools similarly.

Picture of Camera short (because something better than Premiere), but after about 1s a blue screen.
As long clips I want to edit something not quite OK :-))

What has struck me is that the picture in the preview "false pixel displays, ie, instead of black when analog camera standing" colorful Griseln. And the picture in the Kurzaufnahme synonymous looked destroyed.

Somehow I have the feeling that there describe 2 things the same memory. (If only such) a feeling. Unfortunately, I can use my PC no other GraKa, because I have no other PCI card (PCI not synonymous, and more) and AGP slot is more s.Board net.

Further tests / experiments so far have shown:

Updated s.Asus Drivers - were not quite up to date
-> NO improvement

turned off complett b) DV Capture Tools OVERLAY
-> OK, NO crash, AVI will be recorded.
-> (Of course) has no control image

c) attempt to play the recorded AVI DVTools
-> Crash

play d) experiments, the recorded AVI directly with Windows Media Player
-> OK

e) attempt to load the recorded AVI in Premiere
-> Preview OK ( "left little window")

f) Play the "cut" clips (1 clip, no fading)
-> Switched off with overlay -> OK (according to the second counter of course) no image display s.PC. When you stop the right picture
-> Crash (again with colored pixels) before the crash when ON is an overlay.

I'm more and more convinced that what with the interplay GraKa and DV500 has to do. Just where to look / tweak? GraKa has indeed Controls, Direct X9 synonymous ...

Has anyone ideas?

Does anybody know whether the DV500 card basically interacts with PCIe Grakas or whether it is with the newer chipset problems?

Well, and for completeness:
All other PCI cards have been removed (using nix)
Memtest86 test has run successfully without any error messages during the night.
Overclocking is CoolandQuiet disabled, etc. ( "conservative" setting in the Bios)

Thanks for ideas


Antwort von Ephraim:

it helped me to switch the PC on a standard PC.

Council, but surely you get here:


Antwort von mcm57:

"Ephraim" wrote: Hello,
it helped me to switch the PC on a standard PC.

What kind of equipment / OS are you driving? The selection of h
PC wg is known to help with Win2000. Interruptsharing.
Werd but trying times - evil can never be so.

"Ephraim" wrote: Hello,
Council, but surely you get here:


Antwort von mario72:

hello, is s.der 6600 versuchs with older drivers or any other card


Antwort von Ephraim:

"mcm57" wrote:
This firm is associated with Pinnacle? The way I see it is a distribution company. Can not imagine that the case of non-customers have time for a consultation. And as regards the new hardware provides the company out of interest - but I live in Vienna, not just around the corner.


Until recently, they operated a DV-500-forum have it but stopped because of low response. But you still answer questions.


Antwort von Markus:

"mcm57" wrote: - Windows XP Pro SP2
Whether it is synonymous s.SP2 this time? - Is just an idea.

Learn More:
If the Service Pack 2 to blame?


Antwort von mcm57:

Unfortunately, no solution so far:

s.andere Map
I tried to use an ATI Radeon X300.
-> Result ident (trailer, crash, ...)

b) I have the HW vesucht hinunterzustellen acceleration in Windows.
-> Program runs from -2 steps OK BUT there is no picture disappears. So no real solution synonymous :-)

c) I have older drivers installed (6x.xx)
-> Runs a little more stable, that is, live recording of the picture seems OK. Playback picture is slightly disturbed, and about 1 out of 4 tries hangs 3 x's doing well. No solution, but perhaps a way ...

d) I've tried to write combining "off. This also seems to help. But 1:4 rate is still there ...

e) I wanted to install W2K - but the setup CD of Windows 2000 Prof remains gleiuch after booting with "your hardware is examined ..." . hang
Maybe I should make me a setup CD as synonymous with an integrated SP. With Windows XP, the installation went with the bare CD (not when the trailer was synonymous only waaaaaay later. Sorry, but I'm currently not W2K PC to manufacture the CD ...

Well, therefore:
Does anyone know ANY old drivers ev particularly "good"? (The question sounds perverse - but right now reminds me not anymore ...)

THANKS s.alle to contribute so far, and perhaps even ideas.


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