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Frage von Blueman:


I bought a video box "Dazzle Digital Video Crater 150". Now I want to program a video recording with (VideoStudio9) record videos through the device. The device is not found. With the included software (Pinnacle Studio 9) to do it.

What can I do so that the device is synonymous with other programs.


Antwort von Markus:


if the requirement is to work with Ulead VideoStudio, then the Dazzle Video Creator has been a bad buy. Reason: The USB converter you have chained yourself s.Pinnacle Studio, depending on location and the device does not provide synonymous information DV (AVI), but only MPEG1 and MPEG2 compressed video.

Learn More:
FireWire FAQ">1. (b) Firewire or USB?

If you want to work strictly with the Dazzle Video Creator, you could do: capture the images with Pinnacle Studio (loss of quality by MPEG compression), then they will walk in DV-AVI and then edit it with Ulead VideoStudio.

This possibility, however, costs a lot of time because of the increasing difficulty is capturing a data conversion. In short, I would exchange the unit and to me a proper A / D converter (with Firewire port fetch). Recommended models you also find in the above linked post. ;-)


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